Abnormal cells 6 months after LLETZ procedure

Back in December I had my first smear (2years late, naughty I know!) it said I had severe dyskaryosis, I had the LLETZ procedure that came back CIN3. 2 weeks ago I had my 6 month smear and a biopsy, the nurse told me she could see abnormal cells again and I have to wait 4 weeks for results to see if they are high grade or low.

Has this happened to anyone else and what was the outcome? I can’t seem to switch my brain off about it and keep doing all the research on it which probably doesn’t help. If anyone could give me advice or guidance that would hopefully settle my brain!

Hi! I’ve just posted similar myself.
First smear at 25, HPV and low grade
2nd at 28, HPV still and high grade, had LLETZ in January.

Just had my 6 month follow up smear and STILL HPV positive with abnormal cells. Feeling really disappointed as don’t want to deal with another LLETZ, weeks of pads/leaking sensation, no sex only for it to maybe not even work as per this time.

No words of wisdom I’m afraid, my GP surgery hasn’t even told me about the smear results I’ve just checked my online record and seen it and that I need another colposcopy. But you’re not alone lovely! X


Thank you for your reply.

My consultant has assured me my next smear in January will be negative and he has removed all cells but doesn’t exactly fill me with hope due to current smear being so bad.

Being female is so annoying! :joy:

Hope you are well!