high grade (severe) question…

I have received my smear results as HPV positive and high grade (severe) dyskaryosis… I was called with the results yesterday and asked to go the hospital tomorrow for a colposcopy and possibly LLETZ…

I am a little worried as its quite sudden and I have no idea what to expect… however I am wondering if anyone has had experience of receiving these results and then after colposcopy being told that they have maybe cin1 or 2 rather than 3?

Hi I had the same results. I had my colposcopy on the 13th October and had Lletz treatment at the same time. I worked myself up into a right state before my appointment and honestly there was no need to the doctor and two nurses were amazing.
I got my results three weeks later, they found it was actually cin 2 and to return in six months for my next smear x

Just wondered if you had your results and it wasnt cin 3 ? I had the same results from my smear and got called to have a lletz. That was 4 weeks ago so hopefully get my results soon as the worry and wait is awful
Sending positive wishes