Severe dyskaryosis/HPV Smear

Hi to anyone who reads this. I got my result of severe dyskaryosis with HPV yesterday and my appointment for Coloscopy today. Obviously I jumped straight online and thankfully found this site. Obviously, I'm still worried though. My last previous smear was 6 years ago which, I know, was far too long. I've been with my partner for 5 years and we decided to start trying for a baby about 6 months ago. I booked my smear and have seen my GP for advice on getting pregnant. I'm 36 and this would be my 1st child so it seems I'm leaving everything too late! I had a blood test to check my fertility level last week and should get the result in the next few days. 

The shock of getting the smear result is indescribable. I've read all the information and I know it's quite common. I feel OK about the Colposcopy and treatment which I presume I need after reading up on the forums here. 

However, reading up about pregnancy after treatment isn't easy to find. I know I'll have to wait a while longer before I can start trying again but does anyone know how long? I've finally got everything I wanted in my life- career, house, great man and now I'm worried I won't be able to finish the final piece in the jigsaw! 

This forum has done so much already to alleviate my fears with the procedures but I would feel a million times better if I knew how soon I'd be able to start trying for a much-wanted baby. 

Thank you for reading. 

Hi Molly,

I know how your feeling, i had the same result on my smear in March it was my first smear and it terrified me. I went for my colposcopy the nurses were lovely and i had the Lletz treatment the same day it was fine not painful at all and took about 10 minutes. Regarding fertlilty the Lletz shouldn't cause any problems with fertility you will have to wait until you have your 6 month Follow up smear to make sure they have got rid of all the abnormal cells. But you will be fine to start trying again straight after that and you shouldn't have any issues. I have read loads of stories about women having 2 or 3 babies after Lletz treatment with no problems at all. xx

Thanks for the post Simone. I had no idea so many women were affected by this until it's happened to me. There should be more publicity about it and then perhaps people will also have more understanding. It feels like such a stigmatised issue- as if it's our own fault somehow. It's been such a relief reading other people's responses. I'm glad you're ok now. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger and it's shown me I should take every opportunity and live my life so there are positives that do come out of this. I actually can't wait for my treatment now so I can go back to feeling normal again. 

Thanks again for your reply- good luck with everything in the future. 

M. X