Severe Dyskaryosis waiting for colposcopy



So I am 30 and only just went for a smear in October, stupid I know!! Results came back 18/11 high grade hpv and severe dyskaryosis. Letter through for colposcopy day after results, for Tuesday 24/11.

Feeling really low now as worried I've left it to develop into something more sinister. No symptoms up until about a week or so before smear results had bleeding in betweeny period which I've never had before and also some cramps. I've had people say oh it will be fine they will be just precancerous and they cells will be taken away etc etc but feeling really anxious. Also does the needles if I have LLETZ hurt? The ones to numb cervix? Advice please any welcome. 

How did it go?

I'm in the same situation, 33 years old, just had smear test and it came back high risk hpv and severe high grade dyskaryosis :(

Got my colposcopy next Tuesday and I'm terrified about what they're going to find..... 



Hi just seen did you get on as I can tell you were awaiting my colposcopy appointment.only ever had a biopsy but preparing myself for lletz