Moderate High Grade Dyskaryosis and pregnant

Hi all

I'm not sure if I am posting in the right place but here goes...

Today I went for my colposcopy and I was fully prepared to have the lletz procedure as my smear results indicated that I had moderate high grade Dyskaryosis.

i found out a couple of days ago that I'm pregnant, about 6 weeks I think, I told the doctor and she said she couldn't do the procedure but wanted to take a closer look at my cervix and it was as she suspected. She said I had to go back at about 28 weeks and if i still need the procedure it would be done 3 months after the baby is born.

My question is, what are the chances of my abnormality morphing into cancer in the next 12 months and also as it is totally freaking me out, would a termination be an option to safe guard my health. I know it probably sounds heartless but I have a 4 year old and a husband, I'd hate to leave them too soon and I can always have another baby. (it was a planned pregnancy which is why I'm finding it so hard).

any advice would be great.

thanks in advance

Just based on what the nurse told me, cells going from mod-severe can take months, but takes years to turn into cancer. I went for lletz with severe dyskaryosis and the dr said if left there was a 50% chance of cancer in next 5 years. But it's worth discussing these concerns with your gp or gynaecologist for peace of mind x

Thank you, i've contacted the hospital and I am waiting for a call back from my consultant. I may be over reacting but as soon as I left the hospital a million questions popped into my head, your right I think I just need peace of mind.

thanks again tc17 x

Hi, i was in a very simular situation to you with high grade changes and was also pregnant, i had 3 colposcopys in my pregnancy and everything stayed the same, my baby is 4 weeks old now and i will have treatment in 2 months time, i completely freaked out at the begining and was very scared i thought i would have to abort but this wasnt the case, they will keep a good on eye you and not let it progress, i had a normal birth and normal pregnancy it couldnt of gone better, hope thos reasures you as i know how tough it is and the millions of thoughts running through your mind it does get easier, x


I totally agree with Beth! We've been through this together and supported each other over the last year! I delivered my baby safely in September, I was diagnosed with Cin3 at just five weeks pregnant! My consultant thinks that my cells have regressed to low grade. It is almost unheard of for cells to change to invasive cancer during pregnancy. They can tell just from looking at your cervix, they wouldn't risk your life or your baby's life by leaving you if they Thought it could become cancer. They will monitor you to make sure that doesn't happen. 

Stay positive and enjoy your pregnancy xx