Any advice appreciated <3

Good afternoon all, 

I'm new to this site and wondered if any one had any advice please.

i went for a smear on Thursday 8th October and results came back high grade dyskaryosis on Tuesday 13th October, on the evening of 13th my GP called to arrange an appointment at the surgery for the thursday morning. she told me at the app that I hsevere dyskaryosis and I have an appointment on Tuesday 20th oct to have a colposcopy.

after a very worrying weekend I went for the procedure in which they injected me, performed LLETZ and cut an area of abnormal cells out. They didn't really say a lot after that apart from I will receive my results in 2-3 weeks.

my question.... Is it still possible that I could still have cancer or have they cut it out?

I'm very worried as it all happened so very quickly.

im 31 with 2 children (3.5 yrs and 7 months old)

any advice is much appreciated, thanks in

hey Hun just to point out high grade cells arent cancer are cells which if untreated can

become cancerous you will results and they will do a check up in6 months x good luck xx

Thank you Tasha. My mind is running away with me :(  

i think that because it was all so quick, there must be something wrong As I know ladies wait weeks.

maybe I just need to wait for the

Lletz is a very good effective treatment many people are clear after the treatment xx

hey hun,

I have high grade Dyskariosis from my smear and within a few days I was in hospital having LLETZ. I received my results 3 weeks to the day later and was diagnosed with CIN3 no clear margins.

try not to worry, abnormal smears are very common and lletz is peformed more regulary than we realise. if they were concerned they would have told you at the appointment as they no exactly what they are looking at!

I  know its easier said thn done (because I was terribly worried) but please try and relax and enjoy the childrens company and know that we are all hear for you as and when you need us