Server dykaryosis/? invasive squamous cell carcinoma

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone else had their results back from their smear and it said high grade dykaryosis/ ? Invasive squamous cell carcinoma… I’m terrified … I have had my colposcopy and they said that my cervix looks suspicious … however I would just like to no if anyone else has had this result and what the outcome was xx

Hi tibz

sorry to hear that your smear has come back abnormal, high grade dykaryosis is also known as CIN3. It is precancerous cells. That doesn't mean that you necessarly have cc. 

After your results came back you were sent for a colposcopy which the dr said your cervix looks suspicious. Which is scary but still do not panic. Did they take a biopsy? 

Next, they will either wait for the biopsy results or move forward with a lletz treatment where they remove the cells using a special electric wire tool that cauterizes as it cuts away bad tissue. In 90-95% of cases this resolves the issue and you move forward but stay closely monitored. 

i hope everything works out for you. Do stay positive as there is a treatment regardless of what happens next  


Thank u for your reply ... Yes they took 5 biopsies and told me they were sending them as urgent and would no the results in 1-2 weeks (it will be a week tomorrow) .. at the beginning of the consultation I consented to have the lletz there and then .. but after they examined me they said that I would need any procedure under general and that they want to now wait for the biopsy results before doing anything .. it was my first ever smear being 25 and i haven't had a single symptom.. it all just seems as though each stage so far has gone badly .. I had my smear three weeks ago and already a week into waiting for biopsy results .. it's moving so quick but it somehow seems like the longest week of my life .. thank you so much for ur support I really appreciate it xx


Hi tibz

its so unfortunate that your first smear has resulted in such bad news, however bad you think it all might be remember they do have a protocol to fallow and that you will be treated as quickly as they can. It does sound to me that there is a large portion of your cervix is covered with abnormal cells so a lletz under GA is the best way forward.

i will not lie to you and tell you that everything will be fine because neither of us know that for sure but if it does turn out to be cancer there are many treatments out there. I will advise you to stay away from Google as the info is outdated or false(this I learned for myself) I do believe that the cells that are abnormal will be removed and hopefully a cone or lletz will resolve all your issues. Do ask lots of questions and write them down as you think of them. Feel free to message me if you have any questions and I will answer I find I can. All the best. 


Your not alone in this, im currently awaiting my results following diagnosis of CIN3 after biopsy, I had my LLETZ treatment yesterday so its the dreaded waiting game again! 

Try to stay positive as after treatment 90%-95% have clear margins and just go on to have close monitoring after.

Understandably you will worry as am I but this site is brilliant for support and information if needed! If you ever need an ear we are all here x

This site has been brilliant … even just reading other people’s experience… unfortunately everyone has to go through this waiting bit I just don’t no how some people can b so strong … I had so many questions that i wanted to ask at the colposcopy but because I went on my own … as soon as I saw the screen and my entire cervix was white that was it … I broke down … I am so fortunate … I have 3 children… yougest is only 4months but I immediately thought I am gonna have to leave them… so every question I had disappeared … you are all so strong, going through this and more and still takin the to reply to me … thank you … it’s really helps knowing your not alone xx

Stay strong. I went through the process of being diagnosed with severe dyskaryosis in August. I had my colposcopy and LLETZ treatment a few weeks later. The doctor who performed the procedure seemed extremely concerned, especially as I had not had a smear test for 9 years. Somehow a decade had gone by and I had not been for a pap. I only started to get reminders/invitations for the smear test in 2014; not sure what went wrong there, but still I ignored them for 2 years. Despite being super busy and travelling a lot for my job, I really have no excuse - I should have taken care of this - my health is my responsibility, and I will never make that mistake again.  I went in to to my colposcopy appointment a little bit apprehensive, but  I came out trembling and began googling (no good at all came from it apart from finding this site). After an agonizing three week wait I was given a CIN 3 result. I was so convinced that I had CC. I feel extremely lucky. Stay strong, whatever happens, there is so much they can do. My friend works at a hospice, and she told me that CC is one of the most treatable. 

2007 - smear test normal.

12-08-16 - smear test, 6 years overdue

01-09-16 - colposcopy and LLETZ treatment - biopsy taken

05-09-16 - watery discharge and pungent odour (like really bad)

06-09-16 - swab to test for infection taken by GP - no temperature, no swelling, but GP could smell the bad odour

13-09-16 - results from swab test showed no sign of infection

24-09-16 - letter informing me that biopsy results show CIN3 - requested back for a check in six months



Did you get your results back yet?