Waiting results scared

Hello every 1. I had my very first smear and results came back as high grade dyskarosis. I went to the hospital and had a colposcopy done also had lletz done that day. The lady who done it said it was a very large area and thought it was cin3. I have read a lot of story's on here and seen that there is a lot of lady who had high grade dyskarosis then go on to be diagnosed with cc! What is the % of this happening? also how long have you all waited for your colposcopy results I had mine done 2 weeks 3days a go and I'm getting very impation now. Any help would be great x 

Hi, the chance of it being cc are very small and the more days that go past without your results coming through the more likely all is okay. I was called back in very quickly after my lletz. Even if it is cc it is likely to be very, very early and very treatable. Like I say though chances are incredibly small. perhaps the the colposcopy ward, they will sometimes give you your results. Depends on the area you live in though xx

Thank you for you reply. I live in Norfolk I tried ringing but they didn't even ask for my name to check to see if they were bk she was very rude and said leave it 4 weeks. Is the dyskar the step before cc then? Do they call if it's bad news then or still send a letter? X

I'm in the same boat as you, I'm awaiting my results after 2 days :/ my results were put in as urgent so should only be 2 weeks as my cells are Cgin that are severely abnormal. good lUK for results the longer the wait the better the results. X

Hi Emma, 

I too have CIN 3 and waiting on biopsy results. 

I had my colposcopy appointment yesterday and had LLETZ. 

I am only 24 hours waiting and it's driving me insane let alone over 2 weeks where you are now! 

From what I have read the % chances of it being CC is around 3% and even if it is it is likely to be very early and probably treated from the LLETZ. 

Sending love positivness your way 


Thank you for your reply. I know the waiting is by far the worst. i sit by the door and wait for the post man:) I can't believe it's only 3%. I have read no end of storys on here where they all end up with cc. Hope your results come back ok may be you could reply if your result come back be for mine. X


Hi guys, the reason you read so many stories on here about it being cc, is that women who are diagnosed tend to stay on the site and post. there are soooooo many other ladies who post on here worried about results and then when they get the all clear they are so relieved and never come back! it can appear a little skewed on jos as a result. I know it's easier said than done but try not to make yourself sick worrying over it. Stress is so bad for you And ther chances of it being cc are so small. Even if it is it is extremely likely to be early stages and very treatable. I was 1b1 at diagnosis and 6 weeks later given the all clear! best of luck xxx

And in terms of results it is done differently depending on where you live, so don't panic if you get a letter or phone call or are asked to go back. Sometimes the margins are not quite clear of cin and they need to do a little more treatment or just keep an eye on you. All perfectly normal xx

I think it is important to share your results when posting on forums. 

As Nellie said above once you've been given the all clear people tend to never visit the website again! Whereas those who have gone on to have CC tend to stay on, so it can look like pretty much everyone ends up with CC. 

I have 18 month old twins and was part of a group of ladies who shared their troublesome journeys. At one point the doctors were unable to find my daughters heartbeat, I had got chatting with a few members who had experienced the same, a few days later I had a more in depth scan and found her heartbeat and I never went back on that chat again as I didn't have that problem anymore! I received a personal message a week later from another member saying how sorry I was I had lost my daughter. She assumed the worst because I hadn't gone back on. 

That's just an example of how things can seem when reading things online. Although I'm worried about my results it is best to try and take the what will be will be way of thinking. 

I googled is cervical cancer white as I'd seen alot of white on the TV screen, convinced myself it was and then realised they use a vinegar solution which turns abnormal cells white! And I only had my LLETZ yesterday haha!