Just got my results from the smear test

I got the letter today about the results of my first smear and it says there are some abnormal cells called high grade (severe) dyskaryosis in my sample.now of course my mind is just thinking to much and I’m worried even more than before. I’m now waiting for an appointment to have a colposcopy.


Try not to worry too much, I know it's easier said than done. Most people with this result have some abnormal cells which are removed by lletz/leep. 
Good luck xxx

I had the same results 3 years ago. I had LLETZ to remove the pre cancerous cells cin 2/3 at   colposcopy it's a very quick procedure. Try not to worry to much, it's unlikely to be cervical cancer (what I was told at colposcopy). Good luck  xx

Thanks for the reply and I'm trying not to worry so much its just difficult because I have all these symptoms and I've read things and it's just overwhelming to deal with