severe dyskaryosis, colposcopy and lletz today. arghhh

Hi,  I've been doing a lot of browsing this forum since receiving my smear test result of severe dyskaryosis just over a week ago. .Whilst also scaring myself silly by googling pretty much constantly and reading all manner of horror stories etc.

I went for my first smear test almost 3 weeks ago, add 25 and half ( too nervous for a little while!) And the letter arrived on my doorstep 10 days later thprowing me  basically into an emotional breakdown! 

I think seeing the word cancer in a letter would scare anyone though. So off I go today for my colposcopy and expected lletz, feeling terrified, but more so anxious about the 4 week wait for biopsy results to see if I have cancer.

Glad I found this support forum and will be sticking here now, af it seems to cover all aspects of this from tests,  results,  right through to cancer support... far better than just idly reading Google Horror stories I think!!

Just one question, can the Colposcopy Sometimes  show there and then the extent of the problem, or is it really just an anxious 4ww ish for results.


Hi Loz,

Usually on a colposcopy they can see the kind of cells you have, the abnormalities start at CIN 1 to CIN3 if you have had the LLETZ then i guess its either 2 or 3, try not to freak yourself out although i did exactly the same! Did they say anything about the cells?

You automatically think cancer! CIN is precancerous cells which may never turn in to cancer, they take them away just to make sure. I had CIN3 and the doctor said it wasnt cancer but then 2 weeks later i got the dreaded call, thankfully all the cancerous cells had been removed when the did the LLETZ. You will worry and think you have the worst case senario, we all do it. Just try and take your mind off it by concentrating on something else until you get the results.

Lots of ladies on here have been through different stages and we are all here to help each other get through it. Stay strong and away from google, this site has helped me through it and i felt prepared when i went into the doctors office.

Keep us posted and feel free to PM me :-)

Take care

Trudy x

So I'm all done lletz and all.

She said she could see only 3 very small patches of cin3 changes so had those removed, she also said there's nothing there that looked like cancer so I'm feeling so much more positivenow! Had practically diagnosed myself with cc despite having no symptoms, just felt like I needed to be prepared for the worst!!

I don't think it's quite sunken in yet, also they didn't take any biopsies, just removed the areas that where white showing the abnormalities - thought they also took biopsies from other areas of cervix??

But she did say they'd got it all so even if it did turn out to be cancer then It's all been removed.  So fingers results and repeat smear in 6 months.

If my lletz results do come back as being cancerous though and the doc like she said has removed it all. Will this still be the case or will I have to have further treatment. I was in such a daze I couldn't ask any questions!!

Hi Loz,

They said they took all my cancerous cells away in my lletz but still had some abnormal cells on the sides of my cervix and will need more surgery to remove them as it will have a high chance of turning into cancer because the other cells changed. If cancerous cells are found its routine to get scans just to check that they havent spread and providing they have clear margins when removing the cells and clear scans i doubt you will need any more surgery, just 6 monthly check ups for a couple of years just to be sure the cells dont come back.

Fingers crossed on the clear margins and no cancer cells found for you :-) xx


OK thanks :-)