Abnormal cells with evidence of HPV

I hadn't had a smear for seven years. I recently booked one and the results have came back showing abnormal cells and evidence of HPV. It says there are changes called low grade dyskaryosis. It says I'll recieve an appointment for a colopscopy within five days. What does this mean? I'm so worried. Does it mean I could have cancer?

Hi Donna

I was feeling exactly like this a few weeks ago!

Got the letter, worried sick and assumed that was the end of me!

I have since had a colposcopy & biopsies taken and am still waiting to see what's there, but the ladies on here have calmed me down and made me realise that it could be something, it could be nothing, but worrying is not going to make it any better!

My appointment for colposcopy also was very very quick, and some ladies on here have had that when cancer was suspected, which scared me a lot, but in my area it seems to be normal to get you seen very fast, and then wait forever for the biospy results!! The doctor also said at the colposcopy that if he saw anything that needed treating there & then, that could happen. So I have taken some comfort from that - he didn't treat anything, just biopsied.

I'm just hanging on, dashing to check the post and grabbing my phone as soon as it rings, waiting for the call to say what's there and what treatment I may need, but I am calming down a little from the frantic panic that I felt when I got the abnormal smear letter!

Sending you lots of good wishes - it will be ok!


Hi sweetie I was exactly like you a few weeks back! Scary letter hey... don't worry low grade dyskaryosis is the first stage and usually gets better by itself. Also known as cin1 I had moderate dyskaryosis (cin2) but Lletz revealed it was actually severe. had to have a colposcopy like you, I had the Lletz procedure done there and then which was totally not bad at all. Dyskaryosis is not cancer but if left untreated it Could become cancer many years down the line. As yours is only mild you may not even need the lletz they may wait and see if it gets better by itself.  I recently had my results and mine has been completely removed. I know how scary It all is being sent that letter, I went bonkers go ogling everything and worrying and crying!! You will be just fine !