Abnormal smear

Hi everyone, I went to have the coil fitted today and my dr said she couldn't fit it as my smear has come back abnormal and I need to have a colposcopy. I haven't received my results in the post yet so I'm quite upset and scared. She said I have high hpv and high dyskariosis which doesn't sound good.. does anyone know what my chances of this turning out to be cancer are? I'm 28 and have 2 kids and I am petrified.. Look forward to hearing from you. Daniella xx

Hi I had my first smear last aug which came bk high grade, so was referred to colposcopy and had lletz to remove the cells, i now go back nxt month for another smear to make sure its sll still ok, it's not cancer so don't panic although its very worrying x

Thank you for your reply! You have put me at ease a bit now as I have been panicking since I got the news earlier. Just hope I get some sleep tonight as I am a worrier at the best of time :( x

I'm exactly same n worried my self sick bout it, i never ever though that my smear wud cud back abnormal, it's a very worrying thing bt u have to think its been picked up on and can be treated, and the lletz isn't bad and can take all the badness away for good x


I was just the same as you, Daniella...High grade dyskariosis and HPV + after years of normal smear results. I went to pieces and Googled myself into a frenzy.....thinking the worst. Once I went for Colposcopy and Lletz, and they were so reassuring that they were removing abnormal cells and aiming for clear margins, I calmed down a bit. Please try to keep off Google. There is so much silly stuff on there, it really wont help. We will all agree that it is the waiting that is the hardest bit...but once you get up to your hospital appointment you will feel better. I am still awaiting results of the biopsy they took at the lletz appointment, but I dont feel half so bad now that the colposcopist has explained it all to me and I have had the procedure.

If you need some support or guidance, just ask on here. So many truly wonderful women are on here and will come forward to help if they are able xxx

Thank you Hun xx

Thank you est. yes I made the mistake of going on google straight away and it made me feel worse. Yes I hate waiting at the best of times so I'm just going to have to try and keep busy. It's such a scary feeling the not knowing xxx

I forgot to say also...In answer to your initial question about the chances of it being cancer, I read that 1 in 200 women will get a result of CIN 3 (high grade dyskariosis) and 1 in 2000 will have cancer. So it is very unlikely that you will have cancer. With our high grade dyskariosis, it is just important to remove the cells because they are not going to return to normal on their own and they can't be left there because they MAY go on to become cancerous. Remember though that in most cases, it can take years for the cells to change to anything else.

I do know how scared and worried you are, especially as you have just found this out today...The waiting is horrid. Sending my very best wishes xx

Thank you, really appreciate your replies :) Keep in-touch and all the best with your results Hun xxx