High grade severe dyskaryosis - questions

I have received my smear test results (after nearly 8 weeks!) to discover that I have high grade severe dyskaryosis. I have two questions: is it normal to go from low grade cin1 to this in a year? Does cervical cancer ever get diagnosed from a smear test or is it always after colposcopy / biopsy? 

Thanks in advance.

Many people, me included, ask this question when you get the 'dreaded letter'. I went from normal smear to cin3, so can progress more quickly. My consultant said due to extent of mine he was certain that either my previous smear was preformed incorrectly or the results read incorrectly.... Either way I'm all good now! Treatment is successful in over 90% of cases. Some people do get diagnosed with cc after smear shows cin, but take heart that's only a small amount of people... I even had symptoms of cc so comvibced myself the worse.

the waiting is the worst. Good luck x

Thank you for your response. Really glad things are good for you now. 


I had low grade changes last July and had treatment for them, I then went back for my follow up smear 6 months later and had high grade changes. I've had LLETZ now for those and am awaiting the results to see if they managed to remove everything successfully so I think the changes can happen pretty quickly.

I think smears just pick up abnormal changes to the cells and it is the colposcopy and biopsy that confirm a diagnosis. I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry at least it has been caught now and you are able to have treatment. 

Wishing you all the best! Good Luck!