Second MDT meeting after treatment for cancerous cells

Hi all :slightly_smiling_face:

I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 cervical cancer in September, it was diagnosed from a LLETZ treatment I was given. I recently had a second LLETZ to remove the remaining cells and received a phone call from the nurse saying that they are having another MDT meeting about the results and they will call me shortly after this meeting to discuss this with me. I was pretty sure that this LLETZ would remove the cancer completely but now I’m not so sure! Has anyone had this and had a positive outcome? Thanks :blush:


Hope you are doing well! I’m in the same position as you, just had my 2nd Lletz treatment this morning so waiting for results and next steps if any.

How did things go for you?

Hi Anna :blush:

I’m sorry to hear that your going through this, it’s awful isn’t it!

Well I’m shocked to be writing this but my results came back completely clear the cancer has all been removed and I have to go back to the colposcopy clinic in 6 months. If the results of the smear taken at that appointment are clear (fingers crossed!) Then it will be once a year for 10 years. Doesn’t exactly sound fun but my god it’s better than the alternative at least they are keeping an eye out!

I had my 2nd LLETZ under general anaesthetic and the results came in within about a week so hopefully not too long of a wait time for you!

Inbox is always open sweet :blush: xx

Ah that is brilliant news! I’m really pleased for you :blush: that must be such a relief.
Thank you for your reply, hopefully my results will be fairly quick too as the consultant did request my sample to be marked urgent and also asked my Macmillan nurse to follow up on them too.
They did say sometimes things can be a bit delayed with MDT meetings around Christmas. So just have to keep my fingers crossed :pray:

It’s lovely to hear a success story though, all of the waiting is the hardest part! Xx

Aww thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s such a relief as I’m only 30 and have 2 kids so I need to be here for them! I really hope your results come through as quickly as possible for you, hopefully they can get you cleared before Xmas so you can enjoy yourself :blush: please keep me updated sweet xx

I completely understand, I’m 37 and have a 4 year old boy so I’ve been terrified of the potential impact on him.
My Macmillan nurse rang yesterday and the initial report from my MRI is looking very positive. She did say it would still need to be reviewed by MDT and still waiting for pathology. But still was very reassuring to get some good news.

Thank you very much, I certainly will. I never thought I’d use these type of forums but it definitely helps to talk to people who understand what you’re going through :blush: xx

Hi! I am in a very similar situation- 2 LLETZ after abnormal smear followed by colposcopy showed likely early invasive cancer (in my case adenocarcinoma). First loop confirmed adenocarcinoma 3mm wide and 1mm deep but without clear margins. Had MRI,CT and second leep. Heard back from MDT that MRI and CT were fine, and expecting second loop results to be discussed at MDT tomorrow. My cancer nurse gave me the good news that they have been reported locally as showing no abnormal cells! So pleased- so looks like it was stage 1a1 and all was removed on first LLETZ. The discussions with my consultant suggested I would be offered simple hysterectomy in this scenario as I am 42 and have teenage children so no need to preserve fertility. Also I understand that it’s harder to monitor adenocarcinoma so figure I might as well go for the hysterectomy. It’s a real rollercoaster of a journey isn’t it?

It really is! That’s great news that your cancer was removed on the first treatment. I’m hopeful I may get a similar result as my scans have also came back clear.

I have heard alot of people go down the hysterectomy route with this type of cancer. I’d rather be able to avoid that kind of surgery but at the same time I do think I would just worry incase it returned again.
The waiting game is just so hard.

Hope all goes well with your review tomorrow :relaxed:

Hi, so glad to hear your cancer was removed so quickly, mine was sorted out so quickly I can’t give enough praise and thanks to the NHS for how they dealt with my situation! Please keep us informed of the outcome of your review lovely! I was the same and never in a million years would have turned to one of these forums but I was so sick of being told “it will be alright” by people who haven’t been through it! It’s so nice to share with people who have had similar experiences :blush:

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Hope your results are through quickly Anna1

I got confirmation that MDT agreed it’s 1a1, and have been offered an appointment on 11th Jan to discuss hysterectomy. Trying to get them to agree to an operation date sooner though as we already discussed this at the last appointment and I know this is what I want!
So sick of waiting around- I had the first mention of invasive cancer on 12th October and taken til now to confirm stage, I just want to know a date now so I can start to plan my life again!
Very grateful for the news I have had, and for all the treatment so far, but just want this over with now. Weirdly today has been my most tearful day, despite the news being great. Suppose it’s maybe all the bottled up worry and fear and tiredness (don’t know about you 2 LLETZ girls but I feel like I have now been bleeding just about constantly for 8 weeks now- 4 weeks between my two procedures so had just healed from one when the second had to happen- sure that’s not helping with the fatigue)

Hi, I completely understand. I got the news my MRI scan was clear on Friday and was initially absolutely elated but I haven’t felt very good yesterday or today. I think I do too much reading and worry myself stupid! You’re right though, the wait is exhausting. I got my diagnosis on 16th October so just a little behind you. I feel similar from the Lletz also, can’t remember the last time I wasn’t bleeding and the more I do physically the more I bleed :woman_shrugging:t2:
Hopefully you can enjoy Christmas and then get through your surgery quickly in the new year.

Keep us posted xx