MDT meeting post LLETZ

Hi to anyone who might read this!

I had a smear in December 2021, took 8 weeks for results which showed HPV and cell changes. I have had two previous HPV positive results but with no cell changes so have had yearly smears up until this point.

I was then booked in for a colposcopy to have a better look and she saw three white areas during the appointment which she pointed out to me and told me she thinks two are likely Cin1 but was more concerned with a larger white area and took three punch biopsies during the colposcopy.

It was then decided that these showed high grade cell changes and that I would need a LLETZ procedure which I had 7 and a bit weeks ago now.

A few days ago I had a letter saying the results of the LLETZ showed that it was fully excised and was graded as Cin 1 only. Due to the difference in the smear, colposcopy and punch biopsies showing high grade cell changes, and the LLETZ showing only Cin1, my case is now to be referred to a MDT who will decide on what the next course of action is upon reviewing all of my results.

Up until this point I have been fairly relaxed about the results and procedures and beleived it would just go away if I did the recommended treatment etc- and my biggest concern was the disruption to our TTC plans. We have been referred for IVF (due to my husbands fertility issues- all of my tests have come back with no known issues to date). This is now on hold as they cannot progress until I have a clear smear which will happen 6 months after the LLETZ procedure if I am lucky enough to get a clear result then.

As I now am worrying about possibly needing further treatment which would reset the 6 month timer for having a smear, waiting for the results and actually starting IVF- I am so tired of it all. It has been well over 2 years of trying to get pregnant and now we have the funding and referral in place- its my body thats holding us up. I understand things happen for a reason and i just have to wait and see but boy its sure difficult. I have kept such a positive mentality and kept busy with plans to distract myself but this last letter has shaken me.

Does anybody else have a similar experience of getting higher grade results followed by a Cin1 on the LLETZ that can help shed some light on possible outcomes because I just want to have some sort of preparation for what I might get told in the coming weeks.

I am 32 if that makes any difference and even though I know women can get pregnant when older than me, I am so ready and despite it comforting other woman, it just makes me feel frustrated as for me it is not a choice to wait until I am older.

Any support or advice is welcome. I feel suprised by how upset I am at the moment with it all.

Hi @JessSmiles

If only CIN1 was found on a LLETZ its very unlikely they would offer more treatment at this point, CIN1 is usually left and monitored although its a CIN its not seen as a true precancer, they will just want to see why there was such a difference in the results before offering your test of cure, any grade of CIN can regress on its own so theres the possiblility that that has happened rather than a mistake being made its not uncommon for cases like this to be sent to an MDT

Best thing to do to help get a clear smear is just try to live as healthy as you can, easier said than done but stress can also be a factor in helping move things along… so anything you can boost your immune system x

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Thank you. Im not overly concerned about the results- If I’m honest I think I’m mostly upset about it delayed IVF which has already been delayed… that’s the bit I really struggle with. Particularly when CIN1 isnt seen as a true precancer yet its stopped my fertility treatment and wont be able to access it until I get a clear smear. Thank you for taking the time to respond.