Lletz & results

Hi everyone,

I have had a little time away, mainly because after my 1st lletz in Feb, i was told they had successfully removed the CIN3, however when i returned in July for my smear, i was taken into a room to explain it was actually unsuccessful. The colposcopist advised they needed to take 2 smears as my cervix was so enlarged & 2 biopsies. After 3 weeks they told me it was still CIN3, but also CIN2 &1 Detected. She advised another lletz which was completed within the week.
The colposcopist said at MDT they had discussed my case as were fearing the worst.
I had a bad time after the procedure & feinted, but also had 2/3 days of severe cramps. Im almost 3 weeks down the line again & waiting for results, and its probably 6 weeks or so since my smears with no results.
Ive called twice for results, but still not back.
Im worried as id been told origionally the the next MDT was Sept, but that my procedure was urgent & they weren’t prepared to wait for that. So i feel my results are back, but not reported on or a plan. But its driving me crazy thinking the worst. How do you cope? Do i just keep on at them? If the results arent there they cant help. But if they are & not trlling me, surely thats not right?