Lletz results - all clear?

Hi all, hoping someone can help or advise?

I had lletz back in May and have received a letter today to confirm the results are cin III with koilocytosis. The letter then invites me back in 6 months for colposcopy and smear.

I’m a little confused by the results as there is no mention if all the abnormal cells were removed? It was confirmed cin III at my colposcopy before I needed lletz why is it confirmed again? Is it because it’s still there? If it’s still there don’t I need another round of llezt not a smear/colposcopy?

Apologies for all the questions but my mind is spiralling a little! Any advise would be greatly appreciated xxxx

Hi :slight_smile: I would imagine if they invited you back in 6 months that would be for your test of cure signifying all was handled during your LLETZ procedure. I am obviously not a medical professional but wouldn’t think if they hadn’t taken all the cells out they wouldn’t simply invite you back in 6 months time!