Results from mdt- 2nd lletz

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has had this, so I have had a telephone call after the mdt meeting today and they told me that my smear had cancerous cells in it, strands of cancerous cells BUT the lletz biopsy showed cin 3, right upto the edges so not clear margins. They said they reviewed both smear and biopsy results and said they’d been reported correctly. All of the mdt was in agreement that treatment needed to be repeated and sent off again to histology and see what it says again. They said they’d be in touch with an appointment soon.
By repeating the treatment I’m assuming it’ll be lletz again as they didn’t say exactly what they planned to do.

Just wondering if others have had this and how quickly they got them back in? I have a holiday coming up soon and was hoping to go swimming etc.

Hi … I had a Lletz where they found cin3 and hpv positive after my results came back. My first Lletz was at the beginning of Feb and waited around 5 weeks for the results to come through. Then I was told that they needed to repeat the Lletz so had the appointment to sign the consent form on the weds (received the results letter on the Friday) and was booked in for a prep op a couple of days after. I then had my second Lletz on 21st April so am currently just waiting for the results to come back now. I did have mine under a general anaesthetic