LLETZ CIN 3 found

Hi, I had a colposcopy followed by a LLETZ a few weeks ago. In the colposcopy I was told they found CIN2 cells. I’ve just had my results letter back saying they have found CIN3, and that the National recommendation is to have another smear in 6 months. It doesn’t say anything if the margins were clear on the biopsy. Has anyone else had this?

I think maybe try to call and get some more information. There does seem to be a gap in detail here, which is only going to make you anxious. X

Thanks for the reply, I called and spoke to a nurse who explained that the 6 month smear is a test for cure to make sure they got everything out. So another waiting game I guess. At least I’ve had the treatment and it was all dealt with quickly, I think I was just taken aback that they found CIN3, when the original results were CIN2. Hopefully the follow up smear will be all clear. Just another 6 months to wait…