Further treatment after LLETZ

Wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation as me. Had my first smear in January this year, that came back HPV positive low grade changes but was sent for a colposcopy where they took 3 biopsy’s which came back HPV positive with CIN 3. I had LLETZ treatment on may 17th, I had a phone call 4 weeks later off the colposcopy nurse to say they found no cancer but the sample of cervix they tested showed extremely high abnormal cells. They’re having an MDT meeting on July 20th to discuss my next steps but she would like me to go in for more treament after they’ve discussed it. She told me whatever treatment they decide is best will impact my fertility or cause pregnancy issues but reminded me a few times that I do already have 2 children. I’m very worried now that they’re going to do more treatment and find cancer. Has anyone been in this situation and what treatment did they decide for you or what was your outcome?


I am in a similar situation, had a Lletz in May I have CIN3 and HG CGIN but with unclear margins (still some bad cells left).

Did they say if you had clear/unclear margins?

They are discussing mine in MDT tomorrow but have already booked me in for second Lletz in 3 weeks :confused:

There wasn’t loads of information about 2nd Lletz so close together on NHS/leaflets but after reading posts on here i think it more commen then it seems



They didn’t say anything about margins. Just basically that it came back cin 2 and cin 3, they found no cancer, however the cells they did find are extremely abnormal so they need to discuss what further treatment they will do at the MDT meeting first. Im hoping it’s just another LLETZ treatment, but not feeling very hopeful as she kept repeating that I’ve got 2 children and I need to bare that in mind when the decision is made🥲

Still got 2 weeks until they have the meeting and then however many days it takes for them to contact me, the waiting around is absolutely killing me x

Hi Paige

Hope you are ok :slight_smile:

I know the waiting is awful!

I just chased the decision from the MDT meeting and they have now decided to send me for test of cure smear in 6 months instead of a 2nd Lletz and if pos HPV go back colposcopy then. I suppose this is good news but now have to wait 6 months hoping all is clear


I’ve had similar so I had my initial colposcopy in March which they took a large amount out and did the treatment there and then, results came back cin 3 and extra high grade cells, discussed at MDT. they said might just be on the turn but not cancer at the moment. Unclear margins so Had 2nd lletz in June, they took more away did an endometrial biopsy and sent me for a vaginal ultrasound the next day. Sonographer thinks it’s adenomyosis in my womb, womb a weird shape probably some fibroids and thick endometrium too. Still not heard back results from 2nd colposcopy as they had to discuss at MDT again which was the 1st Friday in august. But they did say that if unclear the colposcopy department can’t do anything more as they have taken most of my cervix I have about 2mm left so then I would be under gynaecologist for maybe a hysterectomy if needed. I have been given some hormonal medication for my womb lining until histology results come back. Still in the waiting game but I’ve rationalised it that they have hopefully got rid of it all and if not they’ll do hysterectomy which is fine. Honestly try not to worry x

Hello i have had the same thing started back in 2019 with hpv and severe abnormal cells and have had 4 lletz procedures. twice while asleep i still now show the same so they have offered me a hysterectomy to remove my cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes but keeping my ovaries. They think that as my cells are still there that it must be further inside and best to remove in case of it changing to cancer. Ive been so stressed about it ever since the 1st day i found out and that its been with me 3 years now so i am happily waiting for my date now should be in a months time. It is a 4 to 6 week recovery but i would rather get rid of the chance of it ever getting to cancer. They sayb1 treatment normally gets rid of it but sometimes takes a bit longer for the body to get rid of the hpv. I hope they manage to sort everything out for you much sooner than me. I think covid played a huge part in how long i have had. What i do know is that the hpv abnormal cells can take a long time before it turns into cancer ive known for 3 years and still not cancer i hope this can help in some way and best of luck to you and fully clear in the near future