1a cervical cancer

Hiya all , I found out two weeks ago I had 1a cancer that had luckily been removed with Lletz . I have to have another Lletz in June for some more abnormal cells . Is anyone else in the same situation? The doctors say i need no more treatment for the cancer . Just wondering if I should be having a mri scan or not ?


Firstly I want to say sorry that you have found yourself in here , wishing you a speedy recovery.

I have found this forum a life saver & somewhere I can talk about my feelings .

hope you don't mind me asking but did they tell you this via letter , telephone or did they call you in for a consultant meeting ?

I had Lletz treatment for severe high grade dysk with glandular Neoplasa 2 weeks ago today.

I had a call from hospital on Friday (day 12) asking me to go & see consultant this Thu (feeing scared) but wouldn't tell me anything over the phone.


Hiya , try not to worry too much . I had my 1st Lletz treatment in April I then got a letter saying that it was more severe than first thought so they needed a meeting to discuss my case further . I panicked and rung my consultation straight away . He then told me to come in to talk about my results that day . I was so scared probably how your feeling right now . I just feel so lucky that it's only early cancer but on the other hand am still so scared about my next Lletz incase they find more .Good luck with your results .

I'm really hoping that's the case for me too !

Ive just read so many stories and people just get letters when it's not bad news.

Thanks for replying wishing you all the best for June and thank you for your best wishes for Thursday

mel xx

Thank you , Fingers crossed for Thursday for you , waiting is the worst part .                                         Lisa xx

Thank you Lisa xx

Wishing you both the best :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thank you for your best wishes xx

Hi there

Sorry that you are on here but thankfully it has been caught early  

I was 1a1 and never offered any mri or scans they said if I hadn't had all my children they would have done another lletz/cone so it sounds right to me.  Your consultant will discuss your case at a mdt meeting when all the professionals are there and they decide a treatment plan for you. Which I found reassuring as it's not just one person who decides, so don't worry they will ensure they give you the correct scans/ treatment you need. Big hugsXx

Thank you for your reply , makes me feel abit better talking to people that have been in the same situation x

Hi LMetcalfe I went for my results on Thursday I was told they found a small area of cancer but thankfully they had got it all with my last lletz. I'm booked in for another lletz on 4th July as I didn't have clear margins from abnormal cells so I think its normal If they are sure that they have removed all the cancer. My case hasn't been discussed in a mdt meeting yet but there was no talks of MRI scans. Good luck with your 2nd lletz xx

Hi there 

Sorry you had this diagnosis. I was in the same boat and had a cold cone biopsy last week to check it hasn't spread. Waiting those results. I've had my family so the consultant has told me if the margins are clear and it hasn't spread then I'm having a hysterectomy (womb and cervix). But that's cos I have my 3 kids my hubby has had the snip and so it's preventative. 

Wishing you all the best. 



Jan 2016 went for routine smear

feb 2016 called for colposcopy after abnormal cells detected biopsies taken

april 2016 confirmed abnormal stage 3 precancerous cells and given lletz treatment told see you in 6 months

26 April 2016 called in to see consultant told had cancer (world fell apart) believed stage 1a1 red flagged for cone biopsy

19may 2016 cold cone biopsy to stage cancer waiting for results 

Thanks for the reply and best wishes, nice to talk to others that are in  the same situation X

Wishing you all the best with your treatment too Tanya,this group has helped me out alot reading other people's story's and treatment plans you know your not alone . Feeling lucky that mine was caught early . Lisa xx

Hi everyone, had my lletz treatment yesterday for high grade abnormal cells. She said the small patch of cells was deeper than originally thought. I’ve somehow convinced myself it’s gonna come back and say cc. Sure we’ve all felt the same in this group