second colposcopy appointment!!

Need someone to calm my nerves :( 

I had a smear in February 2013 it came back that i needed a repeat smear, I did so in March and it came back as CIN 1

mild dyskaryosis, I panicicked thinking all sorts.

I had a letter informing me of an appointment at the Colposcopy unit in November.

I went along and the nurse said that nothing had changed and to come back in 6 months.

My appointment in Thursday and i am thinking all sorts again. i am panicking that i need treatment and that it will be painful.

is it possible for CIN1 to clear? has anyone been for a second appointment and things have been fine?? HELP??

Hiya hun. Cn1 can clear which is why you havent had treatment yet. I had loop treatment and it is honestly fone n not really painful at all, if you do need something dont worry, they are well trained and know exactly what yhey are doing xx

did you have CIN 1 then aswell? I was expecting my November appointment to be full of treatment and bad news,

when they sent me away i was over the moon, however now the time has come to go again, Im panicking.

Surely if my CIN 1 is the same, it means treatment right?? surely they wont send me away for another 6 months??

Thank you for getting in touch, it means alot. you have reassured me :0)

Please let me know how you get on x

I had treatment straight away coz I was CIN3. Think 1 and 2, depending on what it looks like at the time can be left nut im not too sure. Maybe ring your g.p and ask to speak to someone there to clear it up a bit with wjat will happen. The doctor said to me if they aren't concerned about it turnimg to camcer they try not to give treatment coz of the possable side effects.

try not to worry too much till you know what your dealing with. Xx

let me know how you get on. I went to my appointment today and everything was fine. the nurse did a repeat smear and then checked my cervix, she said it all looked normal. Results due in a month. Fingers crossed it confirms its all ok.