Hi girls, I am new to here and hoping for some advice, I had colposcopy done as had abnormal smears, got biopsy done and got results back 4 weeks later saying I had CIN but was not cancer but do need treatment, should letter have told me what grade of CIN I had? As reading other posts some people seem to know what grade they have, tried reading up on it but so confusing, iv to get treatment in 2 weeks time as loop treatment was suggested when had colposcopy done

Hi :). Did the letter not say at all what grade CIN they were? I would have thought that if it was anything seriously worrying it would have said so. Also if they're doing a loop procedure it means they just wan to get rid of what's there and check it all out a bit better. as awful as it sounds it's actually not too bad a thing. I'd rather they be thorough ya know? 


The he whole thing is confusing really I know what you mean. Especially when not everything is explained properly but try not to worry too much until all your results are in and you know exactly what you're dealing with my love 

Hi Trisham.

Sometimes they won't necessarily give you a CIN rating because you may have a mixture. For example, I'm aware of a lady on here who has CIN 1 in one part of the cervix and CIN 2 in another.

CIN can also be known as dyskaryosis so you may have read it as mild, borderline, severe or even low grade, mid or high grade.

As far as I know, CIN 1 is mild through to CIN 3 which is severe. My letter that was sent with my smear result said severe dyskaryosis which is normally classed as CIN 3 though this isn't an exact definition.