Results CIN


I got my results the colposcopy which state "the result was CIN (abnormal cells, not cancer) require treatment".

It doesn't state the grade of CIN, why is that?

Similarly, my cervical screening (1st one) before the colposcopy just said changes that require investigation - no explanation. 

I find it really frustrating that they don't tell me anything, everyone else seems to get more information.

Just needed to vent a little,



I can undertand that it's frustrating to feel you're not being given as much info as you'd like. These days smear results tend to state 'changes' rather than CIN. With the colposcopy resullt, it may depend on what happens in your area. My hopsital letters have always told me which grade of CIN. Maybe if you speak to your GP or ring the clinic or consultant's secretary they'll be able to tell you a bit more. 

All the best.

Hi Twilight12

Thanks for replying, I have an app on Thurs 6th so I guess I'll find out then. 

I think I will be getting LlETTZ, what is like/what can I expect?