Colposcopy results


I received my biopsy results today from my colposcopy. My results have come back showing Pre-canerous CIN2 changes. 

I'm just a bit confused as my letter states I have an appointment to discuss the results and if treatment is the preferred option then it can be arranged.

I thought CIN2 & CIN3 both needed treatment. What would the other option be? To see if it went away on its own?

Anyway I'm just relieved it hasn't shown anything more. But this appointment is a month away then the treatment will be even further away 

I will be going ahead with the treatment as I don't want to risk it progressing, I just don't want to drag it out.

Anyone had CIN2 and just left it to see what happens?

Thanks x



I haven't had this happen , I only had my colposcopy on Tuesday , but I think it may have been what the doctor was talking about - my smear showed moderate dyskaryosis, my doctor took a biopsy and she said that I would be contacted regarding the results and that I would be invited to discuss treatment which could be to leave it - depending how I feel about that - and therefore be under the colposcopy clinic for 2 years . She said that in 70% of women with these cells , they clear up alone without treatment . She said if I wanted treatment it would be burning away or freezing them off ( she did say the names of these 2 treatments but I can't remember ) . 

from my googling ( so not a reliable source ) it seems that moderate dyskaryosis usually relates to CIN2 so it seems what you have been told and what I have been told are the same x 

Hi thanks for your reply!

My smear test results were high grade (sever) dyskaryosis, was scary getting that through the post, I obviously thought the worst! So it was a relief when it came back CIN2! The doctor did tell me he thought it was CIN2 but would have to wait for results to come back.

I have just been having a read up about the 'watch and wait' approach so I am assuming this would be the alternative to the loop biopsy (lletz) 

My personal opinion, but I don't want to watch and wait, I don't want to take the risk of this progressing. 30% is still to much of a risk for me.

I have one daughter and was meant to be trying for a baby this year, so kind of want this all over and done with so I can put it behind me.

 Good luck with your results!


I have a feeling that mine may actually come back lower than I was told too  ( I'm trying not to think that in case I'm wrong and I'm upset ) but my doctor mentioned something to me about " they aren't sure so are saying high grade to be safe " ( I had called to have my results explained but I got upset so I didn't take it all in ! ) and the colposcopist did not mention anything about what she saw only to say it looks good and when I asked outright about cancer she said from what she saw she didn't think it was and she didn't think it would be anything more than what the smear said - I had a feeling she wouldn't say it may be less in case but if she thought it may be worse she would have said rather than reassuring me she didn't think it was ... anyway , I'm going off track ? I do think they would always grade up if they weren't sure . 

I am the same as you , she said it could be left it depends how I feel about knowing I have abnormal cells so I said no I will have treatment . I guess they have to give the option in case some women would prefer not to have treatment that isn't 'essential' xx 

Hi, how are you all getting on? I'm 4 days post colposcopy where I required am immediate lletz treatment and now I'm in the dreaded wait for biopsy result period

Hi, i had my results back from a smear and was sent for a colopscopy, as soon as i got there before i even had it i was told i would need lletz due to the fact i am 40 apparently they advise anyone over 35 to have the cells removed and not just wait! I still havent had biopsy result and was advised they think it will show Cin2 or 3 but because i have had cells removed i should just get called back for smear in 6 mths so maybe its age related?

I am 55. Also with CIN 2 and was told I would almost certainly have lletz. This seems generally to be due to slight risks with younger women and childbirth plus I think women tend to have slightly higher risk that infection will persist. 
However in NE they seem to be taking it to MDT. Might be because my initial results were lower? I'm unsure. Anyway they are ringing today 

good luck with whatever you choose