Has anyone's consultant thought mild changes were seen but results were worse?

if a colposcopist said your white changes on the screen looked cin 1 but we're actually worse when biopsies returned? 

They also don't check hpv in Wales yet. Should I get one done private?? 


Thanks guys


sad and feeling hopeful for good news :(


My smear result was borderline, doctor who did the colposcopy said that she thought CIN1 or CIN2 and biopsy results came back CIN2. They look at this all day so I reckon are probably pretty good at estimating likely results by looking.

If the doctor or nurse thought CIN1 I would think it's pretty unlikely to come back as anything too terrible.

take care m'dear and hope you can start to feel a bit better about this soon


Thank you moggsy!! Me too. Awful waiting game isn't it! X

Well, technically the waiting is over for me anyway, because I have the biopsy results. It did take a full 4 weeks to come through, just to warn you!

I really do think you'll be fine hun, I know it's hard but hang in there and try not to stress too much. In fact my doctor told me that they would definitely treat CIN2 and would normally leave CIN1 for 6 months to see if it sorts itself out UNLESS the patient was worrying so much that it would be doing their head in for the entire 6 months ... something to think about because if it comes back as CIN1 you presumably wouldn't want potentially unneccessary treatment.

What I am trying to say is that if it comes back CIN1 as they expect, you will have more waiting to see if it goes away on its own, so you might need to find a way to cope with that! I find it helps to think that at least we are in the system now, and if anything dodgy happens, it will get spotted long before it becomes a major problem :-)

sending you a big hug x x

Hopeful your right. I am paranoid because my smear was normal and what if I have cc inside the canal x

Hi there,

Yes I was told mine was low grade changes at colposcopy - but following my LLETZ treatment my consultant rang me with my results to be told I'd had severe dyskaryosis ... Not sure why this was but for me I had a bit of a wait between treatments so don't know why :-( all is ok though and just repeat smear in September now . 

Good luck 

Abnormal smear - nov 2014. Low grade changes high risk HPV :-( 

Colposcopy dec 2014 and biopsies

LLETZ march 2015( I  got lost in system)  :-(

Results April 2015- all clear 6 month review 



Thank you for letting me know. I'm ridiculously anxious x

Hi spiros

That's ok, hope your feeling ok today. I know how you feel, it's all such an anxious time. 


Hi Spiros - a similar thing happened to me my smear test was normal but I tested positive for HR HPV so I was sent for a colp. The consultant at the time said he only could see HPV changes and my biopsy result showed CIN1.  I know have to wait 6 months to see if it will go back to normal itself, stay the same or progress.  

I know its hard not to worry but I agree with other comments that ok its not great we have this nasty CIN and HPV but at least we are being monitored now.  Also these consultants do this for a living and see 100's of cervixs a week they know what to look for and when something doesnt look right.

I hope your anixiety clears, I am just remaining positive as I can whilst keeping as healthy as possible.

Take Care x