CIN3? What to expect? (Children mentioned)


i had my colposcopy done just under 2 weeks ago, following a high grade abnormal/moderate dyskaryosis result from screening. 

i Have just received a letter saying the biopsy shows cin3 and I have an appointment in 3 weeks for treatment. The letter really doesn’t say much beside abnormal area will be removed under local  anesthesia and sent off to the lab. I have no idea what this treatment will be, just says will likely bleed from 2/4 weeks after. 

I have so many questions and the gyno is shut over the weekend.

cin 3 is not cancer, right? is it precancerous? cin is dysplasia or can it be dykaryosis, or can it be both? what even is the difference? Why are the sending the abnormal area to the lab if they’ve already done a biopsy. 

the thought of biopsy/having stuff removed again just makes me feel so so queasy. And then waiting for more results :/ even Though I haven’t really had to wait much so far. 

is it right that 2 week wait means they suspect cancer? So if I’m waiting theee weeks for treatment it’s unlikely they think it could be that? 

I’m confused!....and anxious.

was really looking forward to summer with my little ones but I’m just going to be nervous the whole time about having the cells removed and awaiting results again :/ 

Hi glitterinmyeye I would imagine you will probably have lletz procedure you should try contact your hospital for some info and try put your mind at ease hunnie I'm going in for mine on the 16th of August under local so hopefully will all be over nice and quick let me know how you get on ok will be thinking of you in new to all of this too so know how you feel xx

Hi Ladies, 

Please don’t worry too much, i know it’s so difficult not too. Definitely ring the hospital for more information. I’ve just come out the other side of all this. 

i had high grade severe dyskaryosis at the end of April, lletz performed at colposcopy in May, I waited 5 weeks for results CIN 3 which wasn’t completely removed (they send to the lab to check they have got it all- clear margins) I then had lletz again the end of June 7 weeks after the first one.  And results came  last week, which was only 3 weeks wait, so a nice suprise as wasn’t expecting them yet. This time CIN 2 And they will see me in 6months for test of cure. Then smears every year for the next 9 years.

Also with both my lletz I had no bleeding apart from when I had my period (which after lletz was super heavy!)Just look after yourself and take it easy! 

it will be ok, It’s such a confusing time and I think without reading loads of information on Jo’s trust I would be completely clueless. You can always ring Jo‘s trust for Information as well! 

Thinking Of you both!