High grade/severe dyskaryosis results prior to colposcopy

Hi everyone,

So sorry if this has been posted before, I did search but couldn't find anything!

The letter I received after my smear said that I have high grade/severe dyskaryosis. Can I assume this is CIN 3 and that I will need to have the cells removed? I thought that the colposcopy was to diagnose the severity of the abnormal cells, but they already know mine are severe. I have my colposcopy appointment this Thursday and just want to know if I can expect them to do the LLETZ procedure there and then so I can mentally prepare.

Hello, I had my colposcopy this morning, I also had a letter stating severe changes. At the start of my Appoinment the doctor sat with my and explained the options before looking at my cells. She said if she viewed the cells and they looked like CIN1 she would take a biopsy and wait for the results. She said if they looked like CIN2 or CIN3 with my consent she could remove them then and there but I would have to stay longer to have the procedure and then have a recovery time of 20 or so minutes after. I choose to have them removed. She then started the examination and said she could she they were CIN2 or CIN3 and asked if I still wanted to go ahead and have them removed then. All the way through I was asked if so wanted the treatment and if I wanted to continue. I could of chosen not to and to come back another day. My main thought was that Im here now ive worried about the appointment since I got the letter so I might aswell just get the cells removed now rather than later. I just couldnt spend another week or so waiting on another appointment knowing they were there. Hope that helps you x

Hiya. I had the same and prepared for treatment. So I bought a pad. It's not that bad, just uncomfortable, it's probably best to call the colposcopy ward prior to your appointment and ask the experts questions as you don't want to jump to assumptions. Mine were severe upon colposcopy too, so had treatment there and then. And so am waiting for biopsy results. Just follow their advice and you'll be fine :) xxx 

Thanks so much to you both for replying, it's really useful to hear from people who've been through the same thing. If they offer to do it on Thursday I'll definitely go for it as I wouldn't want to have to wait all over again.

How did you feel in terms of recovery? I'm wondering if I should take Friday off work to rest if I do end up getting the removal procedure. 

Responding to this now as mindful that your app is tomorrow. You will be fine, ask loads of questions!!!! 

I wasn't offered treatment, I was just told politely that they were going ahead and doing it haha. 

They give you an advice sheet afterwards, tell your nurse what you do for a living, and they'll let you know. I had the whole afternoon and evening of just solid chill time (chocolate was essential) and put my feet up. I went into work the next day as I have an office job. 

I'm 3 weeks post lletz and biopsy, and feel tonnes better. You can't exercise for 4 weeks (walking is fine), bath, wear tampons or have intercourse. I've heard plenty of women get infections after as they do too much too soon- which is counter productive. So really do follow this advice, as in the scheme of things, these things can wait. (I've got 1 more week!!! Woop woop).

The first week or so I was fatigued and it was like having a heavy period, so similar symptoms. 

Hope it goes well!!! Remember to look after yourself. 




I took the day off when I had my appointment as I didnt know if I would get treatment on the day. Loads of people said they had treatment on the day. So I prepared that it might happen and as I didnt know how I'd feel took the day off.

Im on day 3 now and Ive come down if a cold. Not sure if this is a normal cold or because my body has just diverted some of its attention to heeling my insides. Im in work but I had 2 office based days following treatment day and I still feel wiped out. I would definitely recommend taking it easy and getting plenty of rest. Very little pain or discharge though - I expected more. Just tired and feel like I have a cold. 

Hoping your Appoinment went ok? How you feeling? Xx 

Thanks for your advice ladies. 

The procedure went well and was painless, just uncomfortable and undignified! The bit I didn't like was how the LA made my heart race (which they told me would happen) and my legs shake. I actually almost fainted when I stood up to leave afterwards and had to be wheeled into a recovery room, which was slightly embarrassing. I think it had all just happened so fast and seeing it happen on the screen infront of me was bizarre.

I've not had any pain at all, which I feel grateful for. I thought I'd gotten away with the discharge side of things too, but it's day 6 for me now and it's well and truly begun. It's not pleasent, but I suppose it's all part of the healing process. 

I think you could be right about your body being run down and not able to fight off a cold as it usually would. Hopefully it won't last long, just get plenty of rest xx