Finally some results..and they don't tell me much

Hi Ladies,

I finally received my results back from my biopsies from just a little under 5 weeks ago. All my letter says is "we have received your sample back and it does show some changes. There is no cause for concern but a small treatment will be required"

They told me this at my colposcopy appointment! So I am still none the wiser to what CIN this is. I have my appointment a week on Monday for my treatment which I presume will be Lletz.

Has anyone else had a letter with similar wording?

:) x

Hi there,

Sorry you're going through this. I think letters sent by hospital in different areas must vary, mine have always said which CIN it is. Generally High grade dyskaryosis tends to be CIN2 or CIN3, whcih basically refers to the thickness of the cervix in the area which is covered in abnormal cells. 

If it will help you to know, you could give the hospital a ring. Either the consultant's secretary or one of the colposcopy nurses. Hopefully they'll be able to tell you.

Sorry if this isn't much help, I didn't want to read and run. Take care x

Hi Fiona sorry to hear your going through this as well. My letters are exactly the same, I have always had to ask for actual grades. I would guess you will receive lletz or something similar.

Best of luck

Debs x

Hiya, I received my results this morning from the lletz I had done and it didn't give me a cin just high grade and no mention of margins so I rang for an explanation.  The lady was happy to help and I got the result cin3 but they cannot comment on the margins just that they are hopeful they removed it all. I'll be having a repeat smear in 6 months to check. Hope all goes well for you xx

Thank Guys!

My appointment is next Monday so I'm just going to hold out and see what they tell me then. When I went for my colposcopy the doctor disappeared before I got chance to ask any questions so i'll be prepared with all my questions the second I enter the room :) xx

I had colposcopy on 4th December and rang on 6th Jan for results, they told me "high grade" and would need "treatment" but nothing more, and told me I would recieve results and appointent in the post. I recieved results on the 9th and the wording was exactly the same as on the CIN or detail about what treatment, apart from a generic leaflet of LETTZ.So im left assuming its CIN 2/CIN 3, and im getting lettz.
What is upsetting me more is that they have not given me an appointment yet and I even rang to see if one had been made, and they secretery said they would ask the nurses in net few day....."no hurry then". Post has came today 14th and still no appointment :(
Could you let me know what treatment you do get and why they didnt give CIN level if you find out?

Hi Sarah,

Yes i'll let you know as soon as I receive any information. I haven't been told a thing but like you I can only assume its cin 2/3. I'm going to give them a call and see if they can tell me anyting over the phone, but knowing my local hospital I can guess I won't be told a thing.

I hope you get your appointment through soon hun. I was lucky enough to get mine at the same time as my results letter xx

Hi Guys,

I just called the hospital to try and find out some more information. They were under the impression that more information was in the letter but wouldn't discuss too much with me. They've confirmed i'll definitely be having treatment on Monday and that it will be Llletz. They wouldn't tell me what grade (Cin 1/2/3) just that it was consistent with my original smear which was High Grade so I can only assume Cin 3.

I feel a little bit more at ease now I know what treatment i'm having but to be frank I am absolutely terrified and wish i'd said I wanted it under GA now.

Hi ladies, 

I had my colposcopy on Monday 13 Jan and she told me there and then because my results cane back high grade cin3 then I needed treatment that day so after she took some biopsys she performed the lletz to remove all the bad cells, if I am being honest with you ladies the most I felt was about 5 seconds of stinging from the local sue put up there, I thought I only had one local but I was told after I had 4 injections up there and I can honestly say I didn't even feel the other 3 ans after the injections she removed the bad cells and then burned the area to control the bleeding all I felt was warm, I was a total mess before I went in and was so worried it was going to hurt but I was in and out in 20 mins

I am now waiting mybiopsy results


Thank you, it really does help to hear what other people thought of the proceedure. I'm just not very good at needles but at least I suppose its not in a place I can see! :)

Hope your results all come back ok :) xx

hi ya


I to am 24 and this was my first smear, I got my results back for high grade cin3 on Xmas eve so was worried all over Xmas, I totally understand your concern and worrie about the needle, I didn't even see mine which was brilliant, I promise you it is all over so quick hun,

Iwish you all the luck and I hope it all goes okay for you.

Take care

I am hoping my resultswon't take 6 weeks Luke she said. The wait is terrible xxx ths

Hi Fiona,

I have my LLETZ on 29th Jan, my letter didnt say what my abnormalities were so i spoke with an oncall doctor at my GP's office yesterday. I have CIN 3 she said it wasnt malignant but then she was pronouncing it as SIN so i dont have much confidence. I am not looking forward to the procedure as my colposcopy and biopsy appointment was terrible could feel everything and they couldnt stop the bleeding for a couple of minutes which felt like a life time! I was going to ask for a GA but thought i would have to wait longer so didnt bother.

Please let me know how it goes for you and if they explain things before and after as the doctor who did my Biop didnt explain anything just to wait for my results!



Trudy x

Hi fiona, I too have recieved some more details from a GP at a family planning clinic removing my inplant who checked the results for me. It was CIN 3.
I am in for "treatment" tomorrow so Im just hoping it LLETZ.

Im so sorry to hear that you have still not had your precedure done, did they say why it needed to be done under general?

I am defo going to complain about the lack of information given though.

I even had to get medication to stop a really heavy bleed earlier this week, for which I was concerned about and I never had a single phone call back from colposcopy nurse.

Hope yoou get your appointment soon.


Hi Sarah,

They said it needed to be done under general as the area was quite large and too close to the vagina wall. Unfortunately they knew this 8 weeks ago at my colposcopy and i've found out today that they just didn’t put it on the official notes, just some hand written ones that were shoved in a file until Monday and not looked at. If they’d of been written properly then this whole thing might be over by now.

How did your appointment go today? Was it Lletz as you’d hoped? xx