I had a call today from my local hospital following a smear test almost 3 weeks ago. I’ve not even had a letter yet, but they’ve asked me to come in on Friday for a colposcopy. I did a brief amount of research at the point of having a smear test and understand there are “grades” they give you indicating abnormal cells, so I made sure to ask the lady who called what grade and she said 5. Since looking on google it says there are only 3 grades and Cin5 is listed only in proper medical papers and journals, I can’t understand all of the info I have found but it seems very serious. Can anyone shed any light on this? Going out of my mind with worry :frowning:

From my colposcopy I gathered some info which might help. 

My smear said high grade dyskerosis 

Colposcopy said there are Stages which are;






when I was at colposcopy the consultant suspected I was moderate cin 2 and warty abnormality. 

Took biopsy so waiting for my results then most likely lletz 

maybe ring back and ask her Hun x x x x 

How did it go at colposcopy today, do you have a better idea of what's going on? Hope you're ok xxx

Hello. How strange!!  Wondering if this person was quite inexperienced.  They shouldn't really be giving any info out over the phone, I had a phone call following my smear last year and they wouldn't tell me anything, only that I need to go in for a colp too. Before th app I had a letter saying that it was high grade. Then I got there and she told me it was severe changes which is CIN3. So they were removed. My friend has had abnormal changes on her vaginal wall as well as her cervix so maybe it is something similar to that. She's fine though, it isn't any more serious, just harder to detect I think. I hope it went okay for you on Friday.  Try not to worry, I had severe changes but recently had a follow up smear test and got the all clear. Xx