Hey! I'm not even sure where to start, I certainly didn't think I would be posting on here at the age of 28 or at all. That isn't mean to sound rude, more ignorant if anything. So here goes, at 25 I had my first check, boarderline nothing to worry about, the slight abnormality was expected to go away on its own. Wrong. I've now got high grade abnormalities, there's a lot of info in my letter and a pretty book attached but nothing actually explaining what this actually means. If anyone can shed a light on this I would be grateful. I'm waiting for my letter with my colposcopy appointment on. I can't sleep. I'm reading so much into it, I kind of understand that the CIN is what I need to be wary of and how that will or can change. There is history of cervical and ovarian cancers in the females within our family which obviously makes it worse. I'm terrified of needles and I see a procedure is done under local annastetic and I do not react to local well at all, would I be given general? So many questions and emotions, I don't know where to begin.


First off, don't worry about ignorance - I think most of us wound up here having received the dreaded letter (and pretty booklet), panicking and then wanting to know what the hell it all meant! I know that described me pretty well at the start.

High grade abnormalities are otherwise known as CIN3. Mild changes/abnormalities, like the type observed originally, do often go away by themselves and since no-one wants to overtreat you, they will wait and see if this happens before they think about doing anything. CIN3/high grade/severe changes don't go away by themselves and require treatment to remove the abnormal cells. If left, they could, eventually, turn into cancer (but before you panic, it would take quite some time!)

You've been invited to colposcopy, where they will have a good old look and confirm the smear test results, possibly by taking a couple of biopsies. This doesnt hurt - the doc will tell you to cough, grab a little nip of tissue at that exact moment and somehow you don't feel it.Some clinics will treat CIN3 on the day, others will wait for biopsy results and call you back for treatment later.

Regarding your fear of needles, yes it is done under local anaesthetic normally. I went into all of this with full blown medical phobia (like can't get beyond a hospital car park without becoming hysterical level of phobia), which was such a problem I had to have hynotherapy before I could get myself into the colposcopy clinic. I managed that OK, and as I said the biopsies were OK too. However, when I tried to have the treatment, the injections nearly made me go through the ceiling! Now, that is probably just me as no-one else seems to have had this problem. It is all very bizarre as I have a high pain threshold (I am quite heavily tattooed :-) ) but apparently that doesn't hold true for "down there"!!!! Anyway, where I am getting to with this is that my lovely doctor told me quite sternly at that point that she is not in the business of torturing anyone, and that she would book me in to have it under general. I'm sure if you talk to them about it at the colpo clinic and tell them how freaked out you are, you will be offered the option of GA too.

Oh, I have also read that CC does not seem to have any inherited factors involved in it, so the family history of female cancers probably doesnt make it any more likely that you will be affected than the next person.

I hope that has made you feel a bit better. I know how scary it is when you get that letter! Lots of lovely ladies on here though, so you'll always be able to find someone who's been where you are now and can answer your questions :-)

All the best


Hi Kylers I hope you are ok I know the exact feeling you have when you receive that letter saying abnormalities and colposcopy required.  I was so upset and scared I have borderline hanged and high risk HPV and went for my colposcopy a month ago so it's the wait for me now.  

All I can say is try not to Google or look on American sites(sorry if there are any Americans I  for UK stick to NHS as terminology can be different etc) this site I continue to find brilliant. The forum is second to none and so friendly. 

I am fine with needles so for me the colposcopy was pretty much a smear with bells on etc with period like cramps afterwards.  However, mentally the whole process is very very taxing and draining and the wait afterwards is annoying too.  I had a lovely nurse who did my colposcopy and put me at ease even though I was nervous (anyone who says they weren't nervous?!) as Moggsy says if you are needle phobic let them know and they will do their best for you.  Let them know as soon as you get your appointment and just keep reading on this forum it's so a positive and supportive place.

Hi Kylers - i had my colposcopy last week after smear detected high grade abnormalities - the colposcopy was actually OK and i couldn't feel the biospies at all. They couldn't treat on the day becuase she said she didn't want me to be uncomfortable (quite a large area/cervix?!) and would be referring me for an op under GA. If you explain how you're feeling i'm sure they will try and make you as comfy as possible - good luck xx

Lovely ladies. I'm grateful for all your help and reassurance. i still haven't had the colposcopy letter yet which was meant to be following, my friend had hers the following day. 

If I need anything I'll ensure I request GA. They do all my procedures under this as I do not react well under LA. One is a fear, the other is the horrendous hallucination. 

You have made me feel better. 

So from what I can gather from all the reading, which is what I seem to do now my body forgot what sleep is. 

I will pretty much be CIN2 or CIN3, unlikely to be CIN1 as in 3 years my previous did not correct itself it got worse. if I'm wrong, you can correct me.