CIN3 result after first smear test

Hi Everyone, 

Wonder if anyone can help/reassure me. I am a 35 year old who had my first ever smear test carried out on the 21st of July this year & unfortunately it has come back with high grade, moderate to severe Dyskaryosis i.e. CIN3.

I was a very "late starter" as they say!!! and have only been sexually active the last 18 months. I never had a smear before becoming sexually active, but as soon as I got my first GP letter after having sex I booked in immediately.To say I was shocked and confused after receiving the referral for treatment was an understatement!!

Was so lucky to get booked in for a Colposcopy this Monday evening at a private clinic thanks to group health insurance, which is amazing as the NHS were offering the next one in 3 weeks,which is way too long for me in the fragile state I'm in!!!

My parents are both in the medical field so I'm not so worried about the actual colposcopy but more freaked out by the fact that Its at such an advanced stage so soon & im scared that as I've left it so long, something more sinister will be found...the results only suggest CIN3 but could they find worse at the colposcopy, possibly cancerous cells?

My mums been brilliant & helped as best she can but she's never been through this. I'm a worrier & have not been sleeping well since I found out & the weekend ahead seems so long....any reassurance would be so greatly appreciated!   Many thanks, 


Hi Erika. Just wanted to wish you well tomorrow with the colposcopy and hope that it all goes smoothly. i am sure you have read up about what happens at a colposcopy, but they often do a biopsy and sometimes with do a LLETZ procedure there and then. In some ways that is easier for everyone, and can save time. For many people that will be the end of that, and the treatment will successfully remove all the CIN 3 cells. It sounds very unlikely that it will have progressed further into CC given your history. Hopefully this will be the end of it for you. Take care.