Cin 2 and scared

Without turning this into a saga, I have spent last 3 years on six monthly smears, had 3 colposcopy's.  I have been fortunate in that I have never needed treatment yet. 

Had another smear last week, this time it has come back moderate changes, ive only had borderline and mild before now.  In the same post was my letter inviting me to colposcopy on Monday!

I'm just worried that these changes seem to be worsening, it didn't mention HPV testing, does that get done everytime?

ive also just felt lots of little  bumps on my cervix, whilst feeling for my coil strings, never felt these before, now I'm panicking.

I've had colposcopy's before but only had biopsies taken, so wondering if they do see CIN that needs treating will they do it there and then, I have an offer of a friend coming, might take them up on it!

Hi, sorry you have to go through this. I also had mild on my first smear but my repeat 6 months later was moderate so I know is disappointing that it hasnt gone away. The good news is they have kept a really good eye on you so if it has gone to cin2 they can jump in and sort you out. 

Most people seem to have treatment there and then. However I do know if you are in London, like me they like to do a biopsy first just in case

I would take someone with you as if you have the treatment its nice to have someone to take you home/buy you choc/hold your hand/ mop up any tears!

good luck, lt us know who you get on 


Thank you Hula.

I had my appointment today, the doctor I saw this time was a lot more cautious. The examination did show more area for concern, so she took 3 punch biopsies.  

She was concerned that the previous exams showed changes but nothing on the biopsies she suggested that if this happens again my case will be discussed at a MDT, as in her owns words they don't want to be missing anything.  I did ask if changes could be from further up, and she said it could possibly, or that it could be deeper, or that the previous biopsies just missed it.

i asked her what she thought would be the outcome and she said treatment.  Just a two week wait now!


i would be interested if anyone else has had this mismatch in results before!