CIN 1 after al clear!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont know where to start, i am so upset and feel really let down. About november time last year 2013 i went for my 1st colposcopy after my smear came back that i had mild dyskaryosis cin1. they told me to return for another colposcopy in 6 months. i went for my second colposcopy in may 2014 and the doctor said there was no trace of cin1 at all and to wait for results to confirm it. I was skipping my way back home,i was delighted. i have had a letter today stating i have mild dyskaryosis cin1 and to return in 6 months to the colposcopy unit for a biopsy. cannot believe it!!!


frightened now.

Sadly cells change all the time, I have gone from mild to moderate to all clear to severe and treatment needed. I am now booked in to have my cervix removed to stop the severe cells from changing to cancer. It unfortunately happens and it's better that you're being checked regularly in case they get any worse. Easier said than done but this is a very slow illness and your cells may well change back to normal. If they don't safe in the knowledge you will be treated ASAP before anything happens.

Chin up, you'll be fine!

Thank you, I am starting to think that the Doctor should not have told me what she thought and to have waited for the results of the smear done at colposcopy. the thought of going back in six months and have a biopsy is making my stomach churn with worry. It is comforting knowing there are people like you that will help put my mind at ease. 


Thank you again xx