scary colposcopy results please help

i dont know if this has happened to anyone else but i had my colposcopy 5 days ago after my smear results came back high grade but 

but that could not remove the cin3 they had found as there was to much. so now i have to go for surgery to have it removed 

i ask for the smear to be done sooner as i noticed differnces in my body ie bleeding, loss of bladder control ect. They also told me i was

going in as an emergency and already have my pre op next week. Has anyone been though this if so please help thank you 

Hello Karlie,

Yes, it is very scary indeed when you hear that you are being admitted for surgery as an emergency case. This happened to me as well (and I didn't even have a nightie!) My symptoms were similar to yours (bleeding and loss of bladder control) though in your case they are still calling it CIN3 yes?

You are now officially on the roller-coaster and I hope that your treatment doesn't become as huge as mine did. No doubt everything will be explained to you in great detail at your pre-op.

I'm not sure what else I can add at this stage but please ask whatever questions you like and I will do my very best to answer them for you.

Be lucky


thank you so much for you quick reply.its just i have had these symptoms for two years now and been to lots of diffrent doctors in the year asking for smear to be done but because of

my age they refused to do one even with all the symptoms. I just want a staight anwser even though i already no so i can get on will the treatment. I already have three little girls and dont 

want no more children so i am lucky in that way. i'm just so angrey they wouldnt listen to me. If they find that its spread pass the cervics will they do a hystretomy then and there? Thank you again its nice to

no that theres people willing to help that understand 

Hi Karlie,

They won't do a hysterectomy without first telling you that's on the cards (I believe). I should think that everything will be explained to you at your pre-op meeting and they might ask you to sign a form that allows them to perform a hysterectomy once they have got inside you and can see what's going on, rather than having to wake you up and do a separate operation a few days later. You might find it helpful to take a partner or a family member or a very close friend along with you to the pre-op to help you ask important questions because when it is actually happening to you, you might find that you do a 'rabbit-in-the-headlights' thing. I know I do! I end up doing lots of nodding and saying 'yes, I see' and forget to ask anything important until after I have left the room.

Be lucky