CIN 2/3 2nd time in a year


I have just my my results back from my 2nd colcopsopy this year and the cells I had removed by LEEP are back and worse than last time. In March I was at CIN2 and now 2/3. I saw my GP yesterday for something unrelated to this and he confirmed my results were back, I just asked on the off chance and I am completely gutted. I called the hospital as soon as I got home and they confirmed the result, and the consultant is making a decision and I will receive a letter.

I am 35 and this is the 3rd time I have had CIN, earlier this year and first time was when I was 25.

I am petrified that its just going to keep getting worse now. I am considering asking for a hysterectomy if it not suggested. I have a beautiful 10 year old and my husband and I have no desire to have any more children, he is 40 and feels like he is too old. Now our daughter is getting older its almost ‘our time’ I guess.

I always wanted more children but as my cervix has already been operated on twice, my age etc I can’t see this happening.

After my 2nd LEEP which was earlier this year, I contracted a nasty infection and bled for a whole month, had no energy and was so poorly I had to leave my job. This has really taken over my life and just trying to think of how I can avoid this happening every 6 months. I feel like I am in limbo.

Did anyone else here have a hysterectomy for re-occuring CIN? If anyone who has been in a similar situation can offer any advice that would be great.

I have

Hi there, I can't offer much advice as I'm only 9 days post my first lletz myself for cin 3 but what I can say is I total understand your thinkin, when I have my smears in future ( if they got it all this time ) and it was to come back cin I would have a hysterectomy mysel, I have 3 children I plan on no more and i want to be there for my children, I know a few ladies who have had one for other issues And not looked back, but like I said it was for something else. Maybe book to have a chat with the gyne Doctor and get his advice and professional opinion it may make you feel more informed to make your decision. I wouldn't Google for answers and you probably know that alread, I did when I got my cin3 result and had myself pegged for death for ages. Could it be that the first lletz didn't get it all so it's grown back but more advanced and if they did a cone or another lletz it may clear it once and for all? I know you probably don't know that but your docto may. X

Thanks Elliebelly, I am seeing the oncologist tomorrow when I go for my LLETZ  and spoken to a sister on the ward yesterday about having a hysterectomy. From what I can gether they discourage it but I have been in this situation 3 times now and just want to move on with my life. How did it go for you? Hope you are feeling ok x