Third CIN; what happens now?

I've just had my letter back after my follow up from second LLETZ, and it's CIN again. I haven't been given a third LLETZ appointment as before, but invited to discuss ongoing management with the colposcopy consultant. From looking at the macmillan and cancer research websites I think I may be offered a hysterectomy to eliminate the likelihood of developing cervical cancer. Does anyone else have experience of this? My appointment isn't until 12th Sept, just want to know what the options are now!


I've just seen your post and wanted to reply as I see no one else has. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

From what I understand (only from my own research) I think it's likely that they'll offer a hysterectomy or trachelectomy. I haven't been through it myself so can't offer any experience. I just wanted to reply and to send you my best wishes for your appointment this week. 

All the best to you x

Thanks for answering, I was hoping more people had been in a similar situation, but maybe not!


All the best to you too xx

Sorry more people couldn't help, I know I couldn't. Did you have your meeting? Good news? Hope so x

Hi Bev, I have had 2 lots of treatment so far and have been told that any further abnormalities show up then I will require a hysterectomy. My last treatment was a cone biopsy and was extensive, to the point that I dont have enough cervix left to withstand anymore treatment. The extent of the cone was agreed with my consultant before hand to try and give me the best chance of avoiding a hyster. Every case is dealt with individually and the next steps are something your consultant will talk you through taking into account your age, if you wish to try and preserve fertility and of course the nature and location of the abnormal cells.

I dont know much about your situation but if you want to preserve fertility dont feel rushed into surgery, talk through the options with your doc, do some research and make an informed choice.

I had my appointment and am going back this Thursday to meet the consultant again. I was told if I was 10 years older I would have been given a hysterectomy but as I'm "32 years young" (his words, not mine!) I was given the option of a cone or hysterectomy. He did stress that if the cone was in any way unsuccessful then I'd be straight back for the hysterectomy anyway. He also suggested that with my history they may find the cells have become cancerous by the time they operate, and I should be prepared for that to be the case. With that in mind, and having talked to my family and partner, I think the hysterectomy may be the best option. I have two children and while I hadn't ruled out having another, the risk seems too great. I haven't even begun to come to terms with this being the end of my child bearing years, but I need to count my blessings and be thankful for all I have already, and think of making sure I'm here for my children in the future xx

Niki; thanks for your response, I hope your results come back clear next time round and you don't have to undergo any more procedures