My story - cin2 & 3 :(

Hi girls ive just read through some of these topics and it gives

me alot of comfort to know there are loads of people going through the same thing and who i can speak to get advice from and offer mines

:) my story goes bk to feb 2014 i went for a smear after experiencin some abnormal bleeding and just a feeling that something wasnt right , dr did a smear and noticed my cevix was bleeding at a touch . Got referred to gynae for an examination which occured approx 3 weeks later . dr told me everything seemed fine but my results from smear were cin 1 . A mth later i went for a colposcopy and biopsy i was so petrified and cried throughout the whole procedure even though it wasnt painful i was just so scared :(

those results came back as cin 3 and i then had to go for the lletz treatment in july were i received 2 injections of local anaesthetic and had biopsies and treatment . Those results came back as cin 2 & cin 3 . Im now awaiting my follow up smear im just hoping and praying the cells are now normal and everything is fine.

i have a four year old daughter and am so scared of anything happening to me, i coulnt bare the thought of not being there for her. Has anyone been through the same kind of situation ? Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading


god bless xx

Hello, I had the exact same experience (right down to the bleeding when the smear was done) and I had LLETZ about 10 weeks ago.  There are many women on here with the same story.  I know I'll get myself worked up before my follow up smear but try not to worry.  You are a success story because your abnormal cells were caught by the screening process and removed.  Something amazing like 98% of women need no further treatment.

Hope you're feeling ok x

Thanks libby for ur comment . its comforting to know theres people

who know how im feeling and are in a similar position

i know ill get so nervous coming up to the snear just teally hoping and praying

everything turns out normal ! Best of luck to you to x