After a smear and leep I have now been told I have cc 1b2, I am awaiting an MRI on Tue. 26th and then referred to the women's liverpool 3rd Apr when I have been told treatment will be discussed, I'm so anxious about the results, I am up and down, hysterical one min and then eerily calm the next, I have 2  children that I am so grateful for, one is 8 the other 18, decided not to tell my 8 yr old but not sure what to tell my eldest? She is home from uni this afternoon and I am dreading telling her. All my friends and family tell me I will fight this and I am a strong person but I just feel like screaming. I have been told that I need a hysterectomy but the wait is awful, just found this site and read other posts and it has been so comforting.. Love and best wishes to each and every member


Hi Tracie,

welcome o the site but just so sorry you are here and have had this news.  I was diagnosed in Oct 2012 and was obviously upset initially but then strangely calm like you have described.  My "off days" have been more frequent since treatment end (finished end December).  I have two boys (8 & 5) and although I told them mummy was poorly, I never mentioned the word cancer and have always played it down with my 8 year old especially.  I went down the chemo/rad route and so was at hospital everyday for 5 weeks for treatment so I needed to tell them something but luckily it went largely over my 8 year olds head (he was only 8 in late december).  Your friends and family are right as you will fight this and believe me you'll fnd an inner strength you never realised you had.  Luckily things moved quickly for me and once I started treatment I felt better as had a focus.  Te waiting for your op will be really hard on you but take comfort that this has been picked up and you will have a team of experts round you to get you through.  I'm sure lots of ladies will be along to share their experiences of hysterectomy and there are plenty of us who can provide emotional support whnever you want to talk things through.  In the meantime, if you need to scream then sceam - do whatever you need to get you through and most of all don't beat yourself up about it.  Something massive has happened and you need time to adjust and we all do that in different ways.  I am having days right now where I stuggle to be positive but mostly I'm ok (menopause causing lots of this I suspect).  I get my MRI on thursday and thn final results 9 April so it has been a long journey but I'm almost there and you'll soon come out the other side too Tracie.  Dont suffer in silence and ak as many questions as you like as there are plenty of us here who can ive you honest opinions and experiences.  Take care Tracie and hope the scan goes ok on 26th (its a very noisy machine so just be prepared - they should give your earplugs and some even play music!!)



I was also stage 1b2 on diagnosis almost 3 yrs ago. My children were 17 and 19 at the time. I was truthful with them from the start in as much as letting them know what had happened and what my treatment would be. To the children I appeared positive and focussed on recovery, but of course underneath I was terrified.

I had a radical hysterectomy, although I was give the choice of chemoradiation or surgery as both treatments are equally successful. I asked my surgeon what he would choose in my place and he said surgery - but on the understading I may need further treatment if there was any spread to lymph nodes. Luckily there wasn't and today I am fit and well and loving life.

It seems unbelieveable now, but you will get through this, there is so much support here on Jo's with lots of ladies knowing exactly how you feel. I was permanently logged on those first few weeks and still look in regularly to return the favour.

Ask anyrhing you like - someone will have advice for you. Take care and look after yourself.

Wishing you all the best with your treatment.

Lots of love

Louise xx

hello tracy. sorry to hear about your news. when i got diagnosed with 1b cc in 2011 i had 3 kids. one 23,one19 and one 4. i told my 2 eldest the truth but not my 4 years old.they all took it badly but that made me stronger. i  thought i had to look after them but on my own i was devastated. the worst was waiting. i had to have a radical hysterectomy and had the all clear with 3monthly check ups. try to remain positive. i no its hard. its a long road but you will get to the end of it. good luck and this site is amazing for answering all your questions or when you are having a down day(which you will). thinking of you and im always here if you need to talk. no exactly what you are going


i know its ascary time but be strong i was diagnosed with cc2b i was hopeing for hysterectomy so least they could take it all away but mine had come out the cervix i start my treatment tommorrow im really scared but the women on here are brilliant its alot to take in my thoughts are with u and your family xx


I am sorry to hear your news.  I was diagnosed with 1b1 in Sept last year after a borderline smear and leep procedure too.  I have two girls aged 5 and 7.  I simply told them I had something in my tummy that shouldn't be there and needed an operation to take it out.  They seemed okay with that and were sooooo excited to go and stay at grandma's for a week (I was absolutely gutted about their excitement but pleased they weren't upset!).  I was a mess when diagnosed and told them straight away because I was very teary and irritable - I wanted them to know I wasn't cross or upset with them but wasn't feeling well :o(

The waiting is the hardest part, especially for MRI and treatment.  It seemed like an eternity until my op (6 weeks after diagnosis) but once the date arrived I remember thinking 'already, but I'm not ready yet!'.  It is a scary time but be reassured that now you have been diagnosed you will get the best treatment.  There are so many people on Jo's to give advice, so feel free to ask if you have any questions.  It's often said on here, but to repeat it, I wouldn't recommend google and would stick to Macmillan or similar websites or simply liaising with your consultant/oncology nurse.

I am now 6 months post hysterectomy and getting back on with life...  It's an emotional time but you will get through it.  Everyone deals with the news differently, no way is right or wrong.  Rant, rave, cry, do whatever feels right.  

You'll have greater clarity over your treatment soon and I wish you all the best.

Take care

Kirsty x