Newly diagnosed and scared

Dear all, 

i have been looking on this site for 2 weeks now and not had the courage to write......... I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 23.07.13 and have been booked to have a radical hysterectomy on 15.08.13.

i have really struggled with my emotions since being told and cry at all different times of the day, I have started counselling but not sure what I am going to get out of it yet!

i am just feeling a little lost and lonely (my husband has been fantastic throughout all of this!) I think these feelings are due to it being just 5 days until surgery. I am worried how I will feel loosing my fertility as I don't have children of my own (I do have 3 step children) 

any words of encouragement and also how I may feel would be greatly appreciated.

thank you all in advance

Angela 35 yrs old

Hi Angela
I’m so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I hope you’re doing as well as you can be!
It’s a total roller coaster of emotions from diagnosis to treatment and even after! As many of the ladies on here will tell you! But you are not alone and it’s completely normal!
I went from having moments of utter calm and even normality to completely freaking out. All I can say is it gets abit easier especially talking to some of the amazing ladies on here - it really helped me.

All the best with you’re operation, once it’s over you can focus on getting better and back to you, you can do this :slight_smile:

We’re all here for you if you need us!

Em xx

Thank you em! 

it is very comforting to look through these pages and realise that there are lots of people in very similar situations.

will let everyone know how the surgery goes on Thursday and the the recovery starts! 



Hi Angela

i totally understand what you're going through, my hyserectomy is scheduled for the 14th although i have known since June 21st.  i have managed to keep it together for the most part but at the moment with surgery imminent and thinking about what to pack in my bag etc i am not doing as great as i would hope.

Mainly being a prize b**tch to those around me. And frantically trying to get fit every in before i can't drive.

take care