single young (26) mummy. so scared.

Hi, I got diagnosed on 31st oct 13, stage 1b1...I felt petrified for myself and my 3 children ...I have undergone a LRH with removal of ovaries. Since the op I have felt more positive, when you find out your treatment plan it gets a little easier, im back mon 9th results of lymph nodes dissection and im scared again..hope everything goes well for you...lea

So sorry you’ve had to find us here. Please do confide in your family, yes everyone will be upset/devastated for you but you are going to need their support to help you through this, it will also be helpful to have someone come to the appointments with you. A second pair of ears will often remember the bits you don’t.
Lots will be happening now to work out a treatment plan for you, these next few weeks will be the hardest but you will get through them. All the ladies on here are lovely and will answer any questions you have.
Sending you a big hug, Jade xxx

Thank you girls for getting back to me.

I guess it is just a waiting game for

me now to see whats going to happen.

I am a very independant girl and keep

things to myself.. I am going to tell my 

mum very soon maybe tommorrow

I am scared of how people will treat me now

when they know but I guess there is no

way of keeping something like this

a secret

Oh and I hope everything is ok 

with you girls.

thank you so much again xx

Dear rachylou, as a mother, I urge you to have the  strength to break this to your mum.  She, maybe above all others, will be the most supportive friend you will have,  as you face the reality of your situation.  I know she will be devastated for you and may crumble at the news,  but she will bear the pain with you every step of the way. This is probably the most frightening thing you will face in your life, so don't try to do it alone, you will need the support of your mum and your family as it  will be a frghtening time for all of you.  

God bless.

Thank you for taking the time

to comment. It still doesnt feel real

to me at the moment. I know I need

to let my mum know asap and she

will be their for me... especially

as I may need help looking after

my little one... has any one any advice 

on what I can say to my 6year old

as she has enough things to deal

with already and dont want to

upset her xx

Hi rachylou, as regards your little child, I doubt that he/she will understand the  situation fully therefore you might not want to explain too much to them. Maybe just enough to tell them mummy is a bit unwell and will be going to the hospital to get help to make her better?

At 6 years old you don't have to give him/her too much detail anyway as it will be over the top of their head and may scare them.  I'd try to keep things as 'normal' as possible for them.  Whatever way you handle it I wish you all the best.xx

Thank you bogeywoman for

taking the time to message

ne. I am going to stay strong and 

positive for my little gir and hopfully

get through all this.

just going to concentrate on having a

nice Christmas first :) xx


I've read your second post first so have replied to that one!

just wanted to say about ur daughter, my daughter was ok knowing mummy was poorly and knew that I had a poorly belly so I had to have an operation to make it all better. She asked questions which I answered as honestly as I could so she now knows that she won't get a brother or sister. This way I didnt have to not talk about it around her in any way. I told everyone and made it something that everyone could talk about, nothing to hide. I never used the word cancer around my daughter though. the only time my daughter was upset was when I stayed longer than expected in hospital as she didn't see me for 5 days. Don't hide it. You'll feel better that people know as you haven't got to pretend. Xxx