New to forum (children mentioned)

Hi ladies. I’ve being reading ur posts and taking comfort and info from ur words. I found out 3 days ago I have CC. It’s been so quick Im struggling to get head round it.I’m 37, one 15yr boy, husband left last January. New Year’s Eve went for smear. Nurse got doctor to have a look and then got me appointment at hospital for biopsy and then few days later a llezt. 2weeks later phone call to go and discuss results. Told its cancer. I had convinced my self everything was ok. Everyone says to u that it’ll be fine so u start believing it. That’s why it was such a shock to me. I am now waiting for my MRI. Can anyone give us a clue on how long before they start any treatment ? It’s making me feel I’ll and I keep having panic attacts. Any ideas on how to get through the night time as this is when I’m worse, then I have to get up and go to work like normal. I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread. This forum has helped me loads. U ladies are amazing. Any help and advice is welcome.

Hi Angie,

So, so sorry to hear what you are going through.  Please remember that you are not alone and many of the ladies on this site will support you through this.  I too was convinced everything was ok as that was what everyone was saying to me, guess they didn't know what else to say at the time.

The waiting is the worse and we all feel like it takes ages but in fact there is a lot going on behind the scenes, making the appointments etc.

To give you some idea on the time schedule (although this will vary according to the hospital) I was told I had cc on 2nd Sept, my MRI was on the 9th Sept and I had my Radical Hysterectomy on 8th October.  However, this would have normally been 2 weeks earlier but the consultant was on holiday at the time.

To get some sleep at night I started taking Kalms sleep which helped me.  I too had panic attacks and took a herbal remedy for a while.  Alternatively you could have a word with your GP, mine was very supportive at the time and still is.

It is very difficult going to work when you are going through this but I found it helped to go and think about something else, even for a short while.

Once you get your treatment date it starts to get better as you feel things are moving and something is being done. 

Try and think of some nice things to do and treat yourself.  I went for walks, read lots of lovely books and magazines and had nice, relaxing baths.  I also listened to relaxation and meditation cd's - they helped me to relax and calm my mind.

Keep us posted on how you get on.

Love & hugs

Cheryl, xx


Hi Angie,

That waiting time was the worst for me. Have you considered asking your GP for sleeping tablets? I used them for about 5 nights whilst waiting for my results. They didn't work brilliantly well but at least I got a few hours sleep.

I had my MRI on the 29th Dec and my Op on 9th Jan. Obviously New Year 'shut down' was in the middle of this. I was initally diagnosed on 18th Dec, so all moved very quick. Of course your timeline/outcome may be different.


It's such a shock isn't it. I have a 12 and half year old and also a single mum. It's been very tough going, but you will get through it. One tiny step at a time.

 I can't offer anything else except an ear and comforting positive vibes your way.

 P.S I would go back to your GP and tll them about the panic attacks etc. They can sign you off work if you feel that would help. Work may be the distraction you need right now though. Only you can deciede that.






Thank you all for your kind words. its good to know others can help. Thanks for the ideas too about how to 'chill'. I've made an appointment wi my GP to talk about help with the panic and sleep. I'm glad of work, keeps me very busy all week. 


just got my MRI  date which is this Saturday which is great cos I'll be at work tomorrow, thurs  and then a wedding to go to Friday so stuff to keep me busy in the day time. How long does it take roughly, to get results from MRI? This is going to determine what happens next isn't it? 

It's made me feel stronger reading other peoples experiences. I feel I have a good chance at fighting this when u read everyone's comments. 
Will keep updating post when I can and hope you are all doing well. 
Angie x

Hi Angie

Just wanted to send you a big (((hug))). I know that this bit is the hardest bit. It's a long time since my treatment but those first few weeks are firmly etched in my mind. Just remember that we're all here should you need us.

Sending you lots of love xxx

My MRI results came through in 2/3 days if I remember rightly. So not too long to wait.

Sorry about your news think the wasiting is the worst but once your treastment starts u feel like something is being done i came threw it all like alot of brave lasdies on here and u will to anything  u want to know i answer if i can just  hasd my first 3 month checheck and im getting there xxxxxx