lastweek been told i have got stadge 2b cancer and my tumour is 9cms.

hi Honey bless you what are they going to do for you treatment wise? its a scary time I can only emperthise as a daughter of my mum with cancer. Stay strong try to be positive, its a tough journey this but with love and kindness you will get through the hard times ahead 


thanku sorry to hear about your mum ive got to have six weeks chemo and radio together and then go to surgery after and have internal treatment im so scared x

hi debi my tumour is 5cms and been told that i have stage 3 as they found a mass in the pelivs area i am starting treatment tomorrow , and like you i have to under go 5-6 weeks of radio and chemo and also i have to have internal treatment

all i can say is goodluck and always remeber that you are not alone x  

Hi all please try and be strong keep positive at all times xx. I started my treatment on 23 August and finished on 10 October 2013. I had to be treated in a hospital over 100 miles away as my hospital couldn't treat me. I went there on a Monday and came home on a Friday evening. I have cervical cancer 2b and had radiotherapy 5 days a week chemo once a week and 3 internal treatments too. I initially had a colposcopy and eua and bioposies taken. We all worry but i accepted it and got on with it i have three kids they are now 19, 9 and 7 and it was hard for them me not being here all week.

I did get very sick and even had a few infections along the way spent more time on a drip than i would like to remember but if you expect that you may be sick it won't come as a shock. I also had several blood transfusions as i was bleeding for over a year and constantly running to the doctor who kept telling me i was pre menapause and couldn't do a smear. After 9 months she sent me to a gyne clinic who told me the same thing and could not do a smear either. They said they would send for me in 6 months and do some tests. Eventually we went private and i saw a male something i would not normally do and he did a smear. Got the results back in three days and think it was cin3. Went on to have a colposcopy and bioposy and then an eua and was then sent to a cancer hospital. 

Just finished all my scans and although it has shrunk its still there so i am now on another journey. I will be going in to have another eua and bioposy and then either a hysterectomy or a radical one followed by chemo once every 2/3 weeks. Please try to keep strong we all have different stories and very different endings but we all share the same goal to beat this in whatever way we can. There will be days you will smile days you will laugh and plenty of days you will cry but you can get through it. 

Take care keep strong xx

thankyou for your kind words and what a strong lady you are i admire u and all the other ladies on here i am doing my best to stay strong but its the waiting to start my treatment hope u are ok xxxxxx

Keep strong Hun 

K xx