Waiting for treatment

Hi all


im new to this so please bare with me. Been reading all your inspirational stories for a rew weeks now and have only discovered how to put a post on.


I feel like I've been messed about since diagnosis initially I was told my cc was 2a had Mro which was then said 2b. One week later I got a call asking me to come back for another mri as the first one was done in the wrong sequence. So off I go 2nd mri and ct scans done on same day. Just over 1week later PET scan done. Left hanging after 5 weeks from diagnosis no call or face to face appointments (is this the norm). Finally meet my consultant who then advises me that my cc is stage 3b with one lymph node involvement. I'm so worried and scared been advised my treatment will be 25 radio 5 chemo and 3 brachytherapy. 


Been given a date for treatment to start it will be 10 weeks after diagnosis. This seems too long a wait for anyone has anyone else had to wait this long. Was told not to cancel my holiday as I would probably be OK to go now I'm not. Having to go through all the hassle with insurance looks like I've got another battle going on. 


Sorry for for long post. Sending love and positivity to all you lovely ladies x

Hi Mags72 I will be starting treatment, 32 radio and 5 chemo, on the 17th July. This is about 7 weeks after diagnosis for me . It seems like forever so I totally understand your concern. I'll just be glad to get on with it and I'm sure you will too.

Love and positivity to you too.

Hi SoozeH 


its a constant worry I was told at diagnosis 12/5/17 that my treatment would be starting within 3 weeks as it is all done really quickly.  Aye right 9 weeks on still waiting. Not happy about that. Anyway I hope you are doing ok on this journey some days are better than others for me I think that could be a normal experience as it's just the waiting about. 


Fingers crossed hope all goes well for you my treatment will be starting 20/7/17 25 radio 5 chemo and 3 brachy.


Love to you x

Hi ladies , I was diagnosed 1st August last year and started treatment 20th September. It's horrible waiting but they have a lot of planning to do for each individual. Think about it like this, your drs are in no rush so that's a good thing. Mags are you Scottish?

Tracey x

Im also  a 3b girl my treatment  started  quite  quickly i was so  lucky i no omcology centres are  so busy  at the  min hoping  they  get u in sooner 


it does seem like a long time as usually treatment does start a lot sooner. To be honest I would be investigating a bit on the time frame. However, when planning the radiation it has to be geared towards each individual based on where exactly the tumour is and what lymphnodes are involved. Sometime extra scans are indeed needed. They have to get it right. Do have faith that this treatment will work and you will be ok. The aim is to cure even if it feels like they are not doing anything. 

Hi Mags. It was very difficult to wait - for me almost 8 weeks. I was also told upon initial diagnosis that mine was very fast growing and that treatment would have to start immediately. However, it was 6 weeks before I was even able to talk to anyone about it. I was sent for a few tests, with nobody to tell me the results. Finally I was able to meet with both the radiation and medical oncologists, and things began to happen quite quickly after that. They gave me the option of waiting a couple of weeks before starting treatment, but I told them that I had waited long enough and the sooner the better for me. Mine is a bit more advanced and I'm starting with the carbo/taxol cocktail then will have the chemo rads then will have a hysterectomy. The calendar is filling up with appointments, blood tests, follow-up scans and more appointments and although it is really rather scary when I think about it, I feel like I've started to battle the beast. 

I had an ultrasound at the beginning of April which found a 10.5 cm lump. My PET scan on June 19th showed the same 10.5 cm tumour. Although mine was fast growing, there was no noticeable growth in that time, so rest assured it is not growing uncontrollably while you wait.

Hang in there and try to enjoy the summer the best you can. Hopefully you will soon feel the relief of starting your fight and things will progress smoothly for you after that. 

Hi ladies 


Thank you all for replies and reassurance just seems 10weeks is a bit longer than the norm. Yes Brucegirl I'm Scottish but living in England. I also have a nurse who is in the wrong job not very caring for her role. Daisy I was about 5/6 weeks too before I had another face to face appointment I had lots of questions at the time regarding things like treatment hysterectomy and about the staging. Even that wait is very long to be given your diagnosis and to be left hanging. 

Onwards and upwards keeping positive ladies love to you all x

Update treatment brought forward 1 week still seems long time 9 weeks. Anyway I had 1 chemo & radio Thursday and radio Friday. Coping well atm now treatment has finally started. X