Mum of 4

Hi I was told that I had cerverical cancer on the 26 th November followed by cone biopsy and mri (clear) pet/ct scan (clear). I have had one appointment with oncology and they want me two do a two stage operation 21st jan pelvic lymph node removal then if all clear rad on the 30th jan.  Needless to say I'm scared I have four children youngest 13 months and it terrifies me that I wont see them grow up.  Feeling sad about it all today and wondered if anyone else is similar to me to forums help me to be strong especially when you read a success story just praying I will be one of them.  

hya hun hope your ok. im not as far as you but i didnt want to read and run when i can tell you are very stressed and upset. but you are in the right hands we have to trust they know whats best. (even though they seem clueless sometimes). and we are mummies so even though u feel helpless now you will be strong and do your best to keep things normal for them as thats what we do as mums. but i will advise that u get as much support as u can. partner, parent or good friend. hope all goes ok.

Thanks for replying I feel sad that my husband and my mum are dealing with this with me and scared for my children all I ever wanted was to be a mum and I will fight this all the way but so many emotions all the time I fleetingly forget but then it's there again.  Everything takes such a long time to progress I try to remember that my first gyn doc said this is not life threatening and that I will see my grandchildren and that's what I'm clinging on to.  

Hi, just thought id post you a comment. Its a very scary time for yourself and family 4weeks post op and starting chemorads jan 8 th. When treatment starts it starts to feel better if that's the way to put it, you feel like you are doing something to rid yourself of this nasty disease..I couldn't wait for my hysterectomy ..I wish you all the best in your treatment ..lea


thankyou for coming back to me.  I wish I could just have the rad and it would all be over but this two stage is incase it's in the nodes as th ct pet scan showed nothing so they say they are making sure as they don't think it's wise to operate then still have chemo/rad.  I havent read anyone else having this procedure which makes me feel they're not telling me the whole story.

my husband says it's just the way they do it.  I'm so ready to get this started the waiting is relentless 

how have you been since the operation I hope you still managed to enjoy the festivities.  I was determined to not google anything until the new year.

if I don't hear from you I hope n pray all goes well on the 8th you seem very strong and brave to me and I appreciate your comments it's nice to know I'm not alone

klkb x

Hi the waiting Is absolutely the worst. You go.through so many emotions it's unreal to be honest I'm surprised I still have a relationship, what with the menopause as well. I did enjoy the festivities , prob a bit too much lol..oh well ...if you ever need to chat feel free to pm me...all the best. Lea xx


just read your post and wanted to say good luck with the ops Xxx 

it is so very very scary, but you will get through it all. You will find it hard to think so but you will be amazed at the strength you will find in yourself.

much love xxx

Hi thank you for your support I hope thing are all good with you.  I spoke with another consultant to find out why I have 2 stage operation and apparently my centre is doing a trial to see if a pet/ct scan and blood tests are enough to prove lymph node involvment or not.  Apparently they don't like to do the rad hyst as it's so major an operation and if they can cure the cancer with just chemo/radio then I could have a normal hyst later.  Soooo confusing as they have said I have no lymph node involvement yet have booked me for a rad I wonder if they will give me options on the 24th after the robotic lymph removal?  Totally fed up with guessing though I feel in a good place with it all just counting down the days

love to all you brave ladies xx