Hi all, I had my smear test a week ago today.  I received the results this morning which said I have 'high grade dyskaryosis' and will be receiving a letter shortly asking me to go for a colposcopy.  I had abnormal cells when I was 18 (I'm now 45) and had laser treatment under general anaesthetic.  I haven't had any problems since then apart from a borderline one around 10 years ago.  I guess when I was 18 I had no concept of the possible seriousness of the situation but now I'm 45 with a wonderful hus and and two children (21 and 24) I am absolutely petrified at the thought of possible cervical cancer.  I know it's just a waiting game now for the colposcopy and any results but it's so good to find this forum, it has already put my mind at rest about quite a few questions. 

Hi Rebecca.  Lots of women here have had the same sort of situation & they have been fine, so as hard as it is try not to make yourself sick with worry - if I could go back in time & make myself relax more I would as I really didn't need to be as concerned as I was.  I know it's hard not to be afraid, in my case I had missed several of my regular smear tests in a row so I was really worried about how bad the situation could have become in that time (especially after receiving a sound slap on the wrist from the doctor for it!).
Just keep reminding yourself that what they have found is pre cancerous & is successfully treated in 95% of cases - I see that you are a horsey person & I have found that nothing helps you to stay grounded & peaceful more than these wonderful animals, so spend as much time as you can indulging this passtime & doing other things that you love, & take extra good care of your health *hugs* fingers crossed you will be absolutely fine :)

Thank you so much, I will definitely try and relax between now and the appointment.  I got married in Cornwall in March (just us, the kids and dogs) and have a family and friends BBQ to look forward to tomorrow to celebrate so that will help to take my mind off things.  I am not in a good frame of mind at the moment anyway as we are havine to say goodbye to our 16 year old springer spaniel next Friday when my daughter can be home.  Thank you so much for your support, lots of hacks coming up! 

Congratulations!  Please don't let this ruin what should be such a happy time for you, stick to this site & don't start googling elsewhere - this is where you will find balanced accounts of peoples experiences, not just scary stories that will make you unneccessarily fear the worst.  I am so sorry to hear about your dog, I get very attached to my animals who always become treasured members of the family, my family all gathered to be there when my mothers irish setter had to be euthanased, & we then spent the evening having a few drinks & telling stories about him.
I am very envious you have alot of riding to look forward to, I haven't been able to own a horse for many years now & I miss having one desperately - I know this whole experience would have been much less stressful for me if I had been able to get some equine therapy!
Enjoy being a newly wed & try not to think about this again until your colposcopy *hug* :)

Just an update!  I have my colposcopy tomorrow, but in the meantime I have missed my period.  It was due on Friday and I am never, ever late, my cycle is always exactly 26 days.  Now I am absolutely terrified it will come between now and tomorrow which will mean I will have to postpone my appointment.  I am definitely not pregnant, I lost one tube due to a ruptured ectopic pregnancy 8 years ago and the other one was sterillised.  I guess it's common to miss a period in stressful situations and it does t help with having to have our family dog put to sleep on Friday.

i contacted my GP on the advice of a sister on the colposcopy ward and she has given me a sedative to take tomorrow, one in the morning and one before my appointment at 15.40 so I feel slightly better about the whole prospect now.  Please pray for me that my period doesn't arrive between now and then! 

Hi Rebecca, I missed 2 periods after my colposcopy & before my LLETZ, I had a little spotting when I should have had the second one but that was it, & like you I have never missed one in my life - I was terrified it meant something was really wrong, or it would show up at the worst possible time.  It finally arrived the day after my LLETZ when I had stopped stressing!

Good luck for your colposcopy, hopefully they will be able to ease your concerns with what they can see through the microscope, & you won't have to wait very long to get the results.  All the best *hug*.

Good luck tomorrow xx