So anxious

Hi ladies, so i posted just after new year as my smear showed low grade dyskaryosis and HPV, obviously I was very anxious but after a couple weeks and reassurance (sort of) I've been doing ok. Finally heard back and my colposcopy is in 3 weeks (Feb 16).

When I think about it I get so sad and anxious, I mean not so much about the actual examination but I'm just terrified they tell me I have cancer and that I can't have kids (I have no children).

I've been reading stories in the news of terminally ill women who are younger than me, and I just thought of jade goody and how she was younger than me when she died and how apparently all her tests came back normal when in fact she was dying.

I can't help fearing this will happen to me. I would like children so bad and if I get the all clear I want to get pregnant straight away.

I would love support and friendship from women living with these kinds of fears too :(

Hi Alizee

Just wanted to try and reassure you a bit.  I'm sure someone will be along that did have low grade dyskaryosis but I would have though it would be unlikely that you would have CC.  I had high grade dyskaryosis which led to a CC grade 1b1 diagnosis after my colposcopy.

I've read posts of ladies with high grade dyskaryosis who didn't have CC and just had a bit of treatment to remove the bad cells so try not to worry too much.  There will always be stories of ladies with much worse cases than us but that doesn't mean that will happen to you.

Try doing something completely different to take your mind off it, even for a short while and read some light hearted chick lit, I did and its surprising how much it helps.

Good luck with your colposcopy and keep us posted.



Thanks Cheryl, sorry to hear you had CC, glad you're all better now.


Hi Alizee,

This was me 3 weeks ago. My smear showed high grade (severe) which scared the life out of me. I was a mess! I had LLETZ treatment at my first appointment, and they have since confirmed the biopsy on what they removed was just that. Pre-cancerous CIN3 cells, nothing more. I feel so fortunate to have gotten off with just a 5 minute surgery under local anaesthetic and I am positive you will be absolutely fine too. That is not to say you are not completely entitled to be really anxious and hide under a blanket until you have had your colposcopy and get your results back

Hi ladies,

I am kind of in the same boat here. I'm 34, always had no problem with my smear tests. Went for my routine one about 8 months ago. It came back saying they had detected abnormalities. I was told they would do a repeat in 6 months. I've just had the results of my second one back and all it says is there's more abnormal results and they are referring me to the hospital for a coloscopy and I'll hear in 8 weeks with an appointment. Thankfully a week later I have an appointment for 3rd feb. I'm noe getting increasingly anxious. My doctor has said nothing re my abnormal smears. The only communication I've had is via the letters I've been sent. I haven't been in the best of health for the last year, was diagnosed with glandular fever approx 18 mths ago and I've never seemed to get over it. They now think that I have post viral fatigue. I'm concerned as I've bern feeling unwell and I guess your mind just runs away with you and you wonder if it's because of something more serious. I've literally had hundreds of blood tests etc. please someone who has been through this put my mind at ease! Also, has anyone had abnormal cells post coil? I had the mirena and I swear I've never been the same since I had it (was removed 2 years ago) 

sorry for the Long message! Just don't know who else to turn to with this! :) 

Hi Tinders and Alizee,

I am so sorry to hear what an anxious time you are both having. Cheryl and Suzy have both said some lovely comforting things which I hope is helping. I simply wanted to add for Tinders sake that glandular fever is a nasty thing which I am sure runs you right down. It does sound awfully as though your immune system has taken a bit of a pasting. The people at your colposcopy should be very capable of answering all your questions, and thank goodness you don't have very long to wait for that.

Be lucky


Thanks Tivoli for the message. This is my 2nd time having glandular fever which I very rare in itself but this time it has really taken a hold and now they have said its post viral fatigue I've got. Just wanting my body to be back to "normal" so hoping for positive results from my colposcopy. Thanks again for your comments, helps to know others have been through it and I shouldn't worry myself! 

Hi Alizee, the chances of you having CC are extremely slim. And the chances of you developing it in the future are now even slimmer because you are in the system and they are going to keep a close eye on you so will be able to remove anything within a few months of it growing. Its very very rare to CC to grow to something dangerous within a few months.

I completely understand the worry as I was there myself, but try to stay positive as being worried is not good for the body. Best of luck in your colposcopy, I'm sure everything will be ok xx

Thank you <3

Hi guys,

I had high grade and panicked ever since my smear. It was my first so even more scary I think!!! I had lletz at my colposcopy and biopsies taken. I rang today, two weeks after treatment and the biopsies came back clear and all CIN 3 was removed.

Relieved is not the word!!!

I know how everyone is feeling- the nurses and docs were fab and didn’t seem to mind me ringing them all of the time! This made me feel better and allowed me to keep hold of a bit of control. So don’t be scared to ring and chase people up!

All of the women on here have been amazing!!!

Keep strong and keep busy!! Xx

Great news Sam x x