Hi, i have recieved a letter following my cervical smear stating i have high grade dyskaryosis. Does this mean i could have cancer? i am really scared this is my first smear and i am only 24! aAny info or help would be appreciated! Sarah x

Hi I had the same also..and felt the same as u..I did nothing but cry and cry fearing the worst. .the way nurse explained it to me is they are precancerous cells but would not go back to normal unlike mild you will need a colposcopy and maybe treatment. ..I had mine 10 days ago.tThis forum is brilliant there many women to talk to on here who understand. .its terrifying to read that letter and my nurse saisd she hates how they word them as sends women into panic x

Hi Hun.

I was exactly the same. I received my letter inviting me to a smear 6 months before I turned 25 and I too got the result High Grade Dyskaryosis. I was absolutely terrified and feared the worst. I went for my Colposcopy 2 weeks ago and had a biopsy. I must admit, when I went the doctor was not very helpful and didn't tell me what she had seen during the colposcopy or what she excepted the results to be.

I didn't receive the Lletz treatment at the colposcopy like a lot of people seem to when its High Grade so that worried me a little but when I came back from getting dressed to ask questions the doctor had gone and I was handed a sheet to say id'd had my biopsy and sent on my way.

I'm now awaiting the results and to be frank I am terrified so I'm not going to tell you to try keep calm cause I know its not always possible. What I will say though is that we are so young and that is massively in our favour. From what i've read up about this and what i've learnt from speaking to people on here is that it is so common and easily treatable.

Please try and enjoy your Christmas.


hi i to had my first smear test on 17th december and got my results bak on christmas eve, they also came back as highy abnormal, i have got my colposcopy on 13th this month, i am so scared i cant think of anything else, i have two beautiful girl and am so scared just incase they tell me the worse, some people are really unsupported and say u will be fie its nothing, but they dont understand how scared i am x x