Soooo Scared....NOONE to talk to.

Hi Everyone, Ive never been in a forum like this before, everyone seems so friendly and your all inspirational women. I am 27 and i have just had a smear after not having one since my first one when i was 25 now im so angry with myself that i didnt go last year but sooo much has happened. Anyway i have had a letter saying my screening was abnormal and i have high grade dyskaryosis. I am booked in for a colposcopy on wednesday 1st May 13. To say im scared is an understatement. The reason im writing on here is cause i have nobody to talk to... my mum passed away in January from cancer (not cervical) so as you can imagine its still very fresh in all my familys minds so ive not wanted to tell them at all. Normally anything like this id normally speek to my mum about as everyone probably would but i cant. Off course after everything thats happened to me in the last 12 months with my mum im thinking the worst. Does anybody know what persentage of people diagnosed with high grade go on to be diagnosed with cancer???

Love to you all


Being scared is a totally natural reaction when you discover that there may be something wrong, I was petrified when my smear result came back as severe (hadnt been for a smear for ten years) and leapt to all kinds of crazy conclusions and wanted to know facts and figures about everything. But cc is one of the most treatable and is very slow progressing. That slow progress allows the doctors to spot the changes before they get any where near the cancer stage, not all abnormalities would ever get that far anyway.

Now that your problem has been spotted you will be closley monitored and treated appropriatley, the vast majority of women with severe changes have one treatment to remove them and never have any further problems, hopefully that will be the case for you.

Once you have had your colp you will have a better idea of what is going on, I had treatment at the same time and whilst it wasnt nice it was over quickly with no pain. Its pointless me saying try not to worry because we all do, just try to keep yourself busy and dont forget about doing some fun stuff too to distract  you for a while. If you are worried about what to expect at your appointment just ask the girls on here any questions and I'm sure we can put your mind at rest, its all a bit undignified but for me it was no where near as bad as I had pictured it in my head.

I was lucky I had a colposcopy and it resolved the problems. Take someone with you when you have a colposcopy.

Aftet the colposcopy I then had two check up in the first year. And an annual one for 12 years.

Sending you a hug. Take it one step at time.

Thanks guys.....well todqye the day i go for my colposcopy. My appointments at 11.30. Luckily my fiance ie off work today but i do wish my mum was here :-( she would keep me calm. Richards way of dealing with it is to make everything inti a joke bless him. Will update later.... better go get ready.

I'm new here but just wanted to send you a hug! I had my colp. about 5 weeks ago and have a check up i/treatment in June.


Apart from feeling a bit woozy afterwards, it really was ok :)


Take care