Scared of Symptoms

Just after some advice or wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms. I am 33 and on the Nexplannon implant and this is due to run out in March. I have always had regular periods that last the same amount of time. Had a usual period that came Christmas Day (lucky me) seemed a little heavier than usual but nothing that caused alarm. Then last Saturday so 2 weeks after period started I noticed bright red blood when wiping. This lasted for 3 days and has now left me with awful period like cramps and back ache. I am going for a smear tomorrow Monday but so frightened it’s all looking like CC. Been to see the doctor this week and she just dismissed all the symptoms and thinks it’s related to the implant. I’m just so concerned as I’ve never experienced any type of irregular bleeding. Has anyone had anything similar?

Hi @Hj89

Im no stranger to thinking the worst when it comes to CC symptoms and even came to my own conclusion that i must have atleast stage 3 with everything i had going on, but 9 times out of 10 these symptoms are explained by something completely unrelated

It does sound very much like the implant is the cause, the lifespan of your implant is coming to an end so the synthetic hormone it releases although still strong enough to keep you from getting pregnant, the levels change which intern can mess with our cycles…

It can be very alarming when its not something that usually happens, but its common to have break through bleeds or spotting even when you havnt experienced it before when your on contraceptives… however all of this being said, any unusual bleeding should be atleast monitored, make a note of each day you experience it and if it carries on into the next monthly cycle you can make another appointment xx

Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely keep an eye on it and go back if it happens again. Xx